September Morn….

 Here I am, up way to early, surfing the net, happy that Friday has arrived.   Yesterday, Sept.11th, always a day of reflection, prayer and sorrow. It’s is quite amazing after 13 years we can still remember every detail of that tragic day.  I wish we could all feel and say our world is a better place now. I wish we could erase the horror and PTS that so many people suffer daily from. I wish for peace, and I pray for it. I am not sure I will experience world peace in my lifetime. I can only hope  my children and their children will.  I think what amazed me most is I am humble and so very grateful that my immediate family was spared in the 9/11 attacks. I live in a suburb where many of our NYPD and NYFD live.  Many lost their lives that day. I am surrounded by beautiful memorials all over my town and streets that have been renamed for fallen heroes. I see it everyday, I reflect and remember. I show up at work yesterday with a beautiful Sunflower I picked. It is so beautiful, it looks almost fake! Yet, no one speaks of 9/11. It upset me, surrounded by desensitized youth. Many spend their days glued to a 6″ phone screen.  I can’t help but rant about what our young generation is “missing”. I feel they are missing the big picture. The reality of having a real conversation, without text, without emotes, without real emotion. I often sit and watch kids and adults “check out” of reality and get sucked into the social media frenzy.  Our society dictates that it is more important to see a bad pic of some famous celebrity, then it is to communicate with our children about the most tragic day our nation had ever experienced.  I sense it is more than ever “it didn’t directly effect me” therefore, it doesn’t matter.  It shakes my core to think we can “delete” morals and empathy. It scares me that children can view just about anything online. Very little is censored nowadays. America exposes everything now.  It’s sad that  3 year old can have their own IPAD, it’s mind boggling to me.  Eye contact, it barely exists now. You speak to a teenager and within 60 seconds, they are “checking” their phone. I haven’t been able to accept the new generations way of communicating. Frankly, I think it sucks. I miss staying up until the wee hours, talking. That’s right, we had no other “form” of communication. We had parents and grandparents and aunts and uncles and cousins that was our social media. I sit here today and 110% of me says, I wouldn’t trade my role models with their real stories and real life advice  for the best IPhone money can buy. No Thank you!  To my old school readers.  WE NEVER FORGET 9/11/01 ~ RIP, forever…~leeleetowers

Catching Up….Checking IN please!


2007-03-17 20.08.43


Good Friday Morning to ya’ll.  Running like a bunny, keeping up with the flow. I’ve been itching to post and share some leelee moments.  It’s been wild since I last wrote. The job is awesome, busy as one person can deal, but doing what I really love. That’s what counts in the end, you really must Love what you do daily, listen to your heart and make a difference. It’s about a month now and I feel like I broke out of the gate full speed. That energy is what I was craving, missing. I’m grateful everyday for it. My regional sales managers ROCKED July, so payday will be sweet. Blessings come to us when we least expect it, Thanks be to God. The summer as we all feel, has just flown by with such mild temperatures on Long Island, some are even “begging” for heat. NOT I..says this very peri menopausal woman, Gimme 70′s all year round, I’m a happy camper! 

Michael and I took a long weekend upstate NY.  My baby bro built his house on our mountain, in Ithaca, NY.  He hosted a Pig Roast last weekend. What a fabulous day! That pig was charred and smoking all day. He had enough meat to feed a small Army! I got to spend time with my 3 brothers and their spouses. My brother asked me to go up to the top of the mountain, he had something to share with me up there.   So we took a double seater 4 wheeler, hanging on for dear LIFE, and climbed and climbed till we reached as close to heaven as I can feel.  He showed me every hunting spot, every post and sign my Dad marked. Over 120 acres of pure natural beauty. They plant corn and stuff for the deer. He showed me my Dad’s first tree stand. He said, it’s falling apart, but we will never touch it. It will remain here forever, for him.  He circles around the property and stops at “the spot” he shares that they all would 4 wheel it up to this spot and park and each trek off to their respective spots and stands. He made a beautiful plaque there in honor of my father.  It reads….

In Memory of Thomas J. Yacopino, Sr.

We will never be without you. For you are…

The thousand winds that blow, The diamond glint on the snow

and the gentle autumn rain

we cried…we held each other. I get why he moved to a mountain, away from the PTS of 9/11, perhaps to heal and grieve and be closer to the man we adored.  It was awesome. Family grounds us for a moment. It makes me appreciate the gift of life and love.

We also went on a few adventures while upstate.  Ithaca is known for really fantastic waterfalls. They’re all over that mountain. We were determined to find some and we DID! Totally serene, the temperature was cool and no humidity. I felt like I could hike for hours. I loved the rough terrain and some of you already know. I am drawn to rocks, stones and gems <3.  It was peaceful and tranquil. Nature at its best. Stunning I say.  I also convinced Mike to do some flea marketing. I loved this outdoor flea near Binghamton, NY.  I will share some of my fabulous finds with you soon!  Find your waterfall this weekend, sink into a glowing sunset and just be still for awhile. Love & Peace~ xxxx leeleebuttermilk Falls2007-03-17 19.54.35 2007-03-17 19.59.04


Accent table Re-Do, from rags to riches


Photo Jun 22, 5 37 30 PM



Good evening my fellow bloggers.  I am stealing a few minutes to show you my latest redo project. I found an adorable solid wood end table at a yard sale. She told me to make an offer… I did!  $2 bucks? She said….SOLD! So off I went, me and the beat up end table. I had some ideas floating around my head and I decided that I would give it a good sanding, cleaning and finish it for my little beach room.  I chose a pretty ocean blue spray paint. I also gave it a good coat of primer before I painted.  The table was in decent condition. It had a few nicks and bumps, but it had great bones. The sanding really did smooth the finish and the paint sprayed on nicely.  Oddly, I loathe painting with a brush/roller. I find sanding somewhat therapeutic and I love smooth rounded clean edges. I also don’t mind spray painting. It’s easy, it looks even and hides a multitude of imperfections. It has a nice gloss in it and the end result, when applied properly is quite professional and finished.  I sanded and cleaned and prepped the table. A couple hours of labor and it was good to paint. It’s important to follow the directions to get the best results with your spray paint. It’s best to tackle each side as thorough as possible, you can always go back and touch up. I bought 2 cans. The first coat took a whole can. The 2nd coat required maybe 1/2 the can. Well, of course, I took before and after pics for you to browse. I really like the end result. Krylon products are excellent. It dried in a few hours. It  was really fun. I am eager to tackle some other wood pieces I have collected here and there. Enjoy the new end table, it fits lovely in the beach room <3 ~ leelee

A little bit of this & that, & some bric-a-brac

graphite set

graphite set

pottery teapots

pottery teapots

pottery stamped Ohio

pottery stamped Ohio

Germany (40)

Germany (40)

Hello lovely people. I had a nice relaxing vacation up at the lake in New Hampshire. We managed to sneak away to a couple of interesting flea markets. New England is known for all kinds of random, interesting and unique flea markets. Most are open on the weekends and since I am an early riser, they open them up early, however, not everyone is up and running by 8am. We browsed around the local fleamarket in Salem, NH. It was indoor and outdoor. The inside was quite a maze. Hundreds of vendors, lots and lots of random stuff. New and old. Most all of it cheap and imported from China, ummm no thanks. The next day I researched and found another one nearby in Londonderry. It was an outdoor market with lots of vendors. A good variety of stuff.  I was in the mood to browse and walk. The weather was beautiful all weekend. A cool breeze and sunshine. Mike was not “impressed” but seemed to be patient for a change. I like to look and hunt for treasures. I mentioned that I still search for water pitchers and creamer pitchers. I gave him some tips along the way. I LOVE pottery. Anything handcrafted. I am obsessed with porcelain and imported pitchers. I search for the unique one of a kind. Oh, and I only like to pay a buck or two for it. Size and color, doesn’t really matter. Condition must be Mint or new. I frantically searched for reusable bags in my trunk. He asked, what for?  I just smiled and thought to myself. He really has NO clue when I am in the mood to treasure hunt and bargain. I had a feeling he was going to learn quickly. So off we went. My first stop is a dusty, dirty table of junk. I scan and access quickly.  He has a dozen or so flower basket hangers. They have to be 20 years old, still in the package! I buy em all, 3 bucks for a bag full. Honestly, the metal ones retail for $5 each. Mike is unimpressed and a little confused.  I continue on my merry way and note they all negotiate with you. If you ask nicely, 99% of the time, they agree with your price! The next booth is a hot mess. Stuff piled all over. Every square inch has stuff piled on top of stuff. Sigh, I fight the urge to reorganize and redecorate these displays! I find 2 beautiful earthenware (pottery) teapots. I ask how much does he want? He says $2.00 each. I examine them close, brand new, no chips, scratches. I ask…will you take $3 for both?  Sold.  I wrap my teapots and head out and my eye catches a porcelain pitcher. I flip it. It it stamped GERMANY (40) is in the middle of stamp. I have no clue. I don’t have a pitcher from Germany. I offer him a dollar. He gladly accepts. So you get the jist of it…100′s and 100′s of vendors. I already know, this could become a full time obsession for me. I shop till I drop. I score a bunch of unique pitchers. All of them under a buck or two. My kind of morning. On the way out, Mike spots a side table for my daughter’s apartment. He texts her and asks if she is interested. She quickly replies YES! We find a few that would fit and negotiate a pretty white side table for $10.00. He is smitten and I can tell he feels he scored on that piece. Maybe the fever will rub off on him? I sure hope it does. In the meantime, I took some pics of my bric-a-brac treasures.  If by chance anyone knows the name of the Germany pattern, please send me a comment!  I will be sharing more and more of my finds with you. I have so much fun treasure hunting!  Enjoy the day! ~leelee