Goals, milestones, hope & love

I am off to the office shortly, but I have a few thoughts, emotions, joy, fears, all jumbled up inside me. I sit with my “stuff”, for days or weeks I ponder a solution, a compromise, a bandaid, sometimes I journal or write and  sometimes I cry, sometimes analyze, sometimes I over analyze until  I find a beacon of light, a small ray  of hope , or just  a simple  solution. I always boast to people that “I’m all about the solution”. It’s a big part of my job, negotiating, selling, fixing, rectifying, ass kissing if you will,  and afterall,  being a mother and a wife…well, you learn to negotiate well.  I’ve learned to pick and choose what is truly worth my time, my patience, my love. I have guided and pushed myself to do the things that bring me joy and peace and happiness.  I have struggled with many issues throughout my life, today I choose to win, to move above it, to conquer, most of all to forgive and move on,  forward, no regrets, no guilt, no problem.

I am coming up on my year after weight loss surgery. Yes, time does fly, so have the pounds, off I say, and quietly I celebrate my new health, my new self. It’s beautiful and pure and unpretentious. It’s hard for me to acknowledge that I will reach my goal by December, really mind blowing and surreal in a way. I most of all want to acknowledge that I was gentle with myself, delicate and loving to my body. I took care of my dietary needs, and it became routine quickly. I must say 10 months later, I feel healed and I am able to eat a small portion comfortably. It is a long road, sometimes challenging but very much worth it.  My diabetes is slowly dissipating, like every other health ailment I had for over 30 years, today…I have none.  The miracle has happened, I work on embracing and acknowledging my new self daily…..most of all I feel alive, again.  I  set a personal goal a year ago and I am very, very close to it. ….I will try like I do everyday, to love myself, make my health and diet a priority and enjoy the blessing of health & well being. Thank you Jesus for protecting me and guiding me on this journey…..


The road is long and steep

Yet, I’m going to climb, one step at a time

slow and steady. I may not win the race

I’m just going to enjoy the ride this time  ~



Have an awesome day <3  xxxxx ~ leelee

A few finished projects

Good Morning, from chilly & brisk New York.  I finished a few projects recently and promised to post pictures of them.  I am really enjoying refinishing some old, shabby chic pieces. I also find it very therapeutic. The process of sanding and re-finishing. It takes some patience and time, but the end results are always worth it. I picked up a solid wood rocking chair at a flea market and a side table ($5 bucks at a flea market) it  was in abit of “distress”, some damage to the top, but fixable.  I somehow convinced the hubby to get out the electric sander and give it a whirl.  I must say, he seemed to want to take over and he enjoyed sanding and smoothing that piece. It also was a solid wood piece, with great bones, sturdy, vintage but the top had some wear for sure. He was determined to get it down to the original finish.  I think he did a pretty good job with it. I chose pale pink for the side table and white gloss for my future Granddaughters rocking chair. I am pretty happy with both pieces and they will fit nicely in our little nursery we are making for her.  It’s hard to believe in about 3 months, our first Grandchild will be born. I feel amazingly blessed and excited to meet her. I picked up another piece to finish for the nursery. This is a small cabinet with 2 glass doors.  I think it will be abit more involved, due to the glass doors, but, I am up for the challenge and have a good vision for this piece. More on that down the line.  I hope you like the finished pieces as much as I do, these projects keep me occupied for sure.  Enjoy your Sunday! Luv,  ~leeleechair side table

Autumn awaits….

Good Day to all. The last day of September, full steam ahead into October, fall, autumn brilliance.  On Long Island this means, fall harvest and pumpkins and apples and cider and that magical month or two ahead of the leaves changing. i live in a wooded community, in the hills, plenty of gorgeous majestic oaks and maples and walnut trees. I like so many of you LOVE the fall. Afterall, don’t most women in their aheem 50’s??? It’s cool, early mornings are brisk and the sun is so bright and warm, it’s heaven.   Funny, just in time for my newest annoyance…..hot flashes. WHAT!  Are you serious leelee? Fans myself, and nods. Yes…friends, I’m afraid to even utter, whisper the truth. They have begun.  So, I have been in a secret panic. I flash back to my beloved Mom.  She pretty much suffered and went through the “change” for like 20 years. I’m not KIDDING. This has been my secret fear.  Honestly, she didn’t handle the “change” very well.  She was quite overcome by all of it. She didn’t seek medical help and she suffered. I pray my journey is less dramatic.  

Enough of that! I have been “nesting” like any good future Grandmother should!  I planned on getting my sweet Granddaughter’s nursery room renovated and I have been busy crafting and cleaning out the bedroom for our sweet baby to be.  The mommy told me she chose butterflies for her nursery theme. Gosh, I was thrilled about that. So many possibilities and ideas floating around my head. I am eager to tackle this project with alot of energy and excitement. 

I shared a few months ago, that I picked up an antique rocking chair for the baby.  It was a hideous dark maroon color. When they announced they were having a  GIRL! I jumped and decided on glossy white. I envisioned butterflies and her name Anna Lisa <3 in pretty pastels.   So I decided, I better sand and smooth and Prime the chair. I ended up with a glossy white spray from Krylon.  It took several coats to cover, but I think I am finally satisfied with the finish.  I will monogram and stencil some pretty butterflies and share it with all of you soon!   Off to work  I go, enjoy your Tuesday.   ~ Love, leelee

September Morn….

 Here I am, up way to early, surfing the net, happy that Friday has arrived.   Yesterday, Sept.11th, always a day of reflection, prayer and sorrow. It’s is quite amazing after 13 years we can still remember every detail of that tragic day.  I wish we could all feel and say our world is a better place now. I wish we could erase the horror and PTS that so many people suffer daily from. I wish for peace, and I pray for it. I am not sure I will experience world peace in my lifetime. I can only hope  my children and their children will.  I think what amazed me most is I am humble and so very grateful that my immediate family was spared in the 9/11 attacks. I live in a suburb where many of our NYPD and NYFD live.  Many lost their lives that day. I am surrounded by beautiful memorials all over my town and streets that have been renamed for fallen heroes. I see it everyday, I reflect and remember. I show up at work yesterday with a beautiful Sunflower I picked. It is so beautiful, it looks almost fake! Yet, no one speaks of 9/11. It upset me, surrounded by desensitized youth. Many spend their days glued to a 6″ phone screen.  I can’t help but rant about what our young generation is “missing”. I feel they are missing the big picture. The reality of having a real conversation, without text, without emotes, without real emotion. I often sit and watch kids and adults “check out” of reality and get sucked into the social media frenzy.  Our society dictates that it is more important to see a bad pic of some famous celebrity, then it is to communicate with our children about the most tragic day our nation had ever experienced.  I sense it is more than ever “it didn’t directly effect me” therefore, it doesn’t matter.  It shakes my core to think we can “delete” morals and empathy. It scares me that children can view just about anything online. Very little is censored nowadays. America exposes everything now.  It’s sad that  3 year old can have their own IPAD, it’s mind boggling to me.  Eye contact, it barely exists now. You speak to a teenager and within 60 seconds, they are “checking” their phone. I haven’t been able to accept the new generations way of communicating. Frankly, I think it sucks. I miss staying up until the wee hours, talking. That’s right, we had no other “form” of communication. We had parents and grandparents and aunts and uncles and cousins that was our social media. I sit here today and 110% of me says, I wouldn’t trade my role models with their real stories and real life advice  for the best IPhone money can buy. No Thank you!  To my old school readers.  WE NEVER FORGET 9/11/01 ~ RIP, forever…~leeleetowers