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Quick and satisfying Spaghetti with Shrimp & vegetablesGood Morning World:

I have been compiling recipes and ideas for quite sometime now. I am definately in a creative mode as of late. Hot summer days, easy and quick cooling dinner ideas. My daughter graduated college last month and I must admit, she has inspired me in so many ways. She has transformed her life and herself by making small simple changes to her diet. I noticed a pattern immediately. Tons of fresh veggies,  and lots of high protein bean dishes. She avoids flour laden carbs and focuses on roasted or sauteed produce. She also adds organic whole grains (quinoa, oats).  We do have fun shopping for various organic foods. I also notice that it is much more expensive. So instead of being a penny pincher, I force myself to see the other end of the spectrum. Organic foods are healthier, safer for us and alil really does go a long way.  Last nights dinner was pretty quick and easy. I used just the stove top to prepare (and microwave to steam veggies). The dish was tasty and a little splurge of jumbo shrimp. Quick and Easy… this recipe serves 4-5 people.

Whole wheat spaghetti w/ Shrimp & Vegetables with Balsamic Glaze sauce


3/4 lb of Whole Wheat spaghetti (or pasta)

1lb of jumbo shrimp (sliced in half)

1 pkg broccoli/cauliflower steamed  vegetables

1 bag baby spinach (fresh)

1/2 cup balsamic vinegar

3 tbs Canola Oil (or olive oil)

salt & pepper and red crushed pepper to taste

3 cloves fresh garlic minced

2 tbs butter

Saute baby spinach in 1 tablespoon canola oil, set aside

microwave for 6 mins, broccoli/cauliflower combo, set aside

melt 1 tbs butter and 1/2 cup Balsamic Vinegar in saucepot, let simmer for 10 mins till thickened

cook pasta according to package directions

Heat skillet (hot), saute shrimp in 1 tbsp canola, add garlic,  ( 2-3 mins for shrimp) salt&pepper, crushed red pepper to taste. Remove from heat

Reserve 1/2 cup pasta water when draining

In a large Serving bowl, combine cooked pasta, veggies, in 1 tbsp canola oil, & 1 tbsp butter melted. add alil pasta water if dry. Add shrimp and toss. Drizzle balsamic glaze over top and toss.

You may enjoy grated Romano cheese on top. (optional)




Introduction…Hello World!

Hi! My name is Leelee and Welcome to my blogspot. I have so much stuff to share and post about. It’s hard to organize it all, so I thought…..Write a Blog! I love to write, I have been a writer since I was a young teen. I felt the immediate release as soon as the pen hit the pad and I have been writing, journaling about all my adventures and life’s “moments” ever since. My writings and journaling have always been a part of me, in recent years I would discover how it helped me heal while grieving the loss of loved ones. I want to thank my daughter for introducing me to WordPress, and for helping me get started.  The other evening we were sharing some websites and new ideas and I mentioned that I thought it was important to organize my recipe collection. My Mother taught me how to cook at a very young age, she was taught by her Grandmother. The old school generations had no recipe’s perse to follow, much is stored in the mind. It was also a way of not truly divulging all the ingredients, clever huh! I am excited and determined to pen each recipe I was taught, and I am thrilled to share some of my very own. I am humbled as I write this, each time I cook a family recipe, the memories and love coming shining through. Tradition is the glue that binds us and defines us all. I feel honored to share some of it with you. Along with food, I am passionate about sharing my Loves, the things that simply bring me happiness and joy. I’m an avid gardener and bargain hunter, I love home decor. I am a moonchild according to the stars, I am most comfortable in my lil abode. My most precious treasures, family heirlooms and collections are always close to me.  I chase sunsets and dream by the ocean, and as I penned one day… on Fire Island, I am more myself next to the ocean, where I dream and the waves rock me to sleep. I love to photograph “moments”, so I hope to be sharing some of them with you also.