Storms a brewin ~~ FrankenSTORM arrives

Good Morning Blogworld! I am rushing to blog a few things, However….I live on Long Island, thankfully north of “Montauk hwy”, which means I am considered inland from the coast and ocean surges. I have lived on this island since my parents moved to Huntington, New York when I was turning 1 year old. I’ve lived here all my life, always a few moments from the bay or ocean. Honestly, I can’t picture living anywhere but near the Sea. It surely is a part of me. Many many memories of my childhood and youth are all spent either On or near the ocean. I certainly feel blessed to live here and I am still exploring and finding amazing secret treasures tucked in little quaint sea towns along the two forks of Long Island. Speaking of amazing little treasures… Mike and I did a quick weekend getaway this weekend way before the Drama of Hurricane Sandy. I am excited to share it will you all this week, after I organize the photos and videos of our amazing waterfall adventure! Stay Tuned! On the other side of town..reality hit big when we returned yesterday. We were focused on securing all outside stuff and Mike had to climb on the roof to do a small repair on a gutter or spout or something. I made a delicious Sunday pot roast dinner and I felt like I always felt..This could be my last hot meal for a week! My dramatic frantic anxiety level rising, cooking up a storm (literally), using everything and anything I can use up. You would think it was the “Last Supper”. I was anxious last night, it sounded different. I awoke a few times and glanced outside, nothing catastrophic, it looks like a typical rainstorm. It is now considered high tide on most of our shore, and we still have power. The media is on sterroids for close to a week now, I am used to it, repeat, repeat, repetitive warnings, watches, closings, evacuations, etc etc. The winds are gusting, but so far God has kept us all safe and dry. I still have this overwhelming urge to COOK, and GOD I wish I had some chocolate hidden. We will continue to pray for this storm to go back out to sea and that our family & friends remain safe. They say its the biggest storm in all of history, a Monster..a FrankenSTORM, cute huh. I rented 3 Dvds and I see my man really glued to the weather channel (OF course! So I get a blow by blow from him every 10 minutes or so. Ok, I think I will whip up a few dishes and I want to Thank God for a hot steaming shower today. Life is Sweet so far…ciao for now ~ leelee

Honey booboo child is NOT a shirley temple

Well, Hello bloggers! I am sitting here reading the latest news updates and gossip and low & behold I stumble upon yet another honey booboo child clip. This is the 4th clip since she has been making the circuit of morning/daytime TV spots. Each interview gets more and more uncomfortable and clearly the child is NOT happy. Little Miss Alana has had a reality TV kiddie breakdown.  I blame TLC for promoting this reality show. Clearly, this child is not enjoying her new found celebrity status. Her mother can’t possible get more boring or awkward. They have done literally dozens of interviews, each interview has become more disturbing and you can’t help but wonder if honey booboo Alana is suffering from some sort of  condition.  This newest clip with Dr. Drew (does this confirm the family could benefit from some therapy or intervention???). I hope Dr. Drew offers his services for free after this interview. Here is the link–dr–drew-.html

With each “meltdown” Alana has, her mom June swears the child has not been given any “sugar or gogo juice”.  I think the child has reached her celebrity patience level and the parents are forcing her to appear at every interview.  I feel the truth shows at the end of this video, honey booboo will not communicate or answer the host and swats at him! Mother June pokes the child once or twice. Then the sweet little honey booboo child states, “I dont like being on TV”, to Dr. Drew, and her mama June responds…”that’s not true!”.  Well,, we all know that June refuses to get glasses, I for one am glad she does not operate a vehicle.  But It is clear she is overwhelmed by her childs behavior and even makes excuses for her rudeness. Perhaps the mother should tune into her daughters behavior and reevaluate her decision to continue filming shows and entering pageants. It appears poor Alana was just soaking up all the positive attention she got at first, now all she wants is to go back to Georgia and eat cheese balls. Lets pray this saga ends quickly BOO HOO!

Sunday Morning’s

Good Morning World:

I woke up today at the “crack” as I call it. Not intentionally, but it seems that my husband is getting noisy. I’ve noticed this lately, his sneezes, his voice (hmmm..) and he is oblivious to it. So I got up before 6am, plotting my day while lazily sipping my very strong coffee’s. I always cherish a quiet Sunday. It was always a day of total “rest” and relaxation according to my parents. It was also a family day for many years. The traditional Sunday dinner at Mom & Dad’s, the family piles in and we feast for 8 hours, till we either pass out or get a stomach ache! Those days have passed, sadly both my parents have died. My father died of cancer in 2002 in October. My mother died of a blood clot in 2009 also in October. So many emotions and thoughts and grieving and memories flood back this entire month. I try so very hard NOT to focus on the anniversary of their death’s. I have learned it is just “one” day..and it shall pass. I do focus on the years we were together and close. I wake up each day and remember, my father LOVED the fall temps. He would be up early and outside puttering and gardening until football kickoff. Mom would be lounging in her cute house dress, a pot of tomato sauce and meat simmering and smelling like heaven.  Preparing the feast for the family.  They would both sip coffee, numerous mugs and Dad would read the entire Sunday paper and Mom would read her latest Cosmo or family circle. All the world was right. They enjoyed the simplicity and the quiet times. I spend my days in my gardens, simmering my own tomato sauce and meats and dream of days gone by. I busy myself with little projects and I am constantly inventing or redecorating something.  Yesterday, I pruned my roses and fig tree. My mom and I planted them when she moved into my home in 2002. I can’t even explain or pen how each bloom makes me feel. I feel like she is with me…she can see me picking a bouquet and smelling my perfume roses. I walk up to this fig tree, which is now 25 feet tall…WHAT?…no really, I force myself to eat the figs, I just want to be close to her again. I don’t particularly like them…but I love her’s.  I made her a garden. A garden of her very own. Unlike me, she really didn’t love the “dirt”, I get that from my dad. But we planted this garden together and it bloomed year after year, as it continues to bloom now. I cut 2 beautiful roses yesterday, one pale pink perfume and inhaled it’s scent. Today I describe it as heavenly, for I believe that is where they both are now. The other rose, Coral beauty blooms for me continuously. It is magical, the color the deepest of coral. It is as close to a brilliant sunset as you can get. I could go on & on for days about our garden. When someone you love die’s, little things become most important. So, it’s not a cliche when we say… “take time today and smell the Roses”, you know I will be doing exactly that.  If any of my readers are lucky enough to have your parents on this earth, near you. I encourage you to honor them. If you had a spat or disagreement or even a big drag out brawl, let it go..say I’m sorry and I love you. You won’t regret being humble and making it right. My parents enriched my life, they nourished my soul and spirit. They were truly my biggest fans. I miss everything about our love. I listen to video’s just to hear their voices again near me. I will shed tears for eternity for not having them in the physical world. I meditate and focus on connecting to them in other ways…like outside in my gardens…that is where I will be <3…love & peace to you today ~ leelee

Friday Rant…

Hello Blogworld! I made it through another week. I blogged each day randomly, hoping what I share and feel makes you smile or giggle even. I successfully “edited” my picture. I just wasn’t feeling the hideous one my daughter plastered on the page. This picture shows me in a good “happy moment”. Ok then…
Getting up to speed, the job interview was last minute, I had no info about it, so I went in sorta blind. It turns out, it was only part time with limited hours, lower paying, and not exactly my dream. I am determined to just keep on trucking until I find something that will make me smile and be grateful for everyday. I have alot to offer, I just need to find the perfect practice or doctor to work for. I now find myself available to work full time. For 20 some “odd” years, I worked part time while my children were small. I wanted to be home and a full time Mommy. I worked weekends and part time for many years as they grew. I recently returned to college to switch from Real Estate to the Medical field. It’s been a 4 year struggle, trying to break in, gain experience and knowledge and find a position that I truly enjoy. I’ve worked at various practices and clinics and I volunteered at a assisted living facility for the summer. I suppose I just haven’t found my “niche”. Living on Long Island is difficult. Expensive and lack of jobs really puts enormous strain and stress on young families. I am staying optimistic and positive, hoping soon I will get a great job offer.
In the meantime :)I am on a little mission. I love to decorate and design. My favorite hobby is finding treasures. I have my secret places all over this island, and I live to find the perfect piece…I call them treasures. I am in the process of gutting a tiny room in my house, my vision is a private little den, totally smothered in a beach house theme. If I can get my son & hubby to put up new sheetrock and spackle, I am ready to absorb myself in this new space. I see pretty muted blues, greens and touches of cream like the sand…I can’t WAIT! It’s so fun searching for all these goodies…I will blog and share my treasures as the room evolves. Well, I sure have done my share of the Rant. I am off to plan alittle getaway to the mountains with Mike. He claims there are 7 waterfalls with peak foliage next weekend. Love this time of year. I say that every season LOL. What are your plans this weekend? Maybe pumpkin hunting? or finding the scariest haunted house? Feel free to comment and share about your plans, I’d love to hear them. Ciao~ leelee