January thoughts 2021

So, it looks like WE made it. Through the 2020 uncertainty and this year of struggles, strife, eruptions, protests, violence, and a pandemic, chaotic, elections and an eruption of extreme emotions, making our world sometimes unstable, divided and unsafe. COVID 19 is not over. 2020 is, but, the virus is very much here. The vaccine has been approved and they are plugging along as best as they can. I sincerely hope we can thank Pfizer for eradicating and saving lives one day. I saw my town numbers quadruple in the last couple of months. I now know many families that have gotten COVID 19. I am just laying low. I really am avoiding contact and exposure. I cooked meals for a neighbor for two weeks while she recovered. I try and do my little part. Yesterday, I avoided taking down my twinkly Christmas tree…just a week more! and then I thought…Well…why NOT? I quickly went about my Saturday, cleaning, cooking and COVID crafting! It’s become a big favorite of mine. Occupy your mind for a few hours, focus on art and creating a new wreath or sign. It’s simple fun. It’s relaxing and therapeutic. I gathered all my hearts and Red and Pink bows, flowers, ribbons and went to town. I enjoy creating whimsical decor. Valentines day is inspiring and romantic and it also stirs up my serotonin! Bascially, I glue and attach shit together and I feel loved! Be good to yourself this year. Do things that Make you feel Happy. Try new projects and hobbies. We all have time to expand our horizons. I love baking for my neighbors and dropping off a special treat. Remember, it’s the little things that wind up being so Important. So many pantry’s need food items. Make a small donation to your local churches and food pantries. We all need to take care of one another. I believe, hope & kindness will see us through.

I take time to write. We tend to let the most important priorities fall off. Like, self love, self care rituals In 2021, these are so important, now more than ever before. It’s ok, we humans are easily distracted! What is important is that you get back to it. Writing is a HUGE release. It is a tool for healing, a tool for anger, grief, and it can also help you process and start to heal your pain or grief or trauma. Perhaps you have pushed down childhood trauma? abuse? Start to write it out. Burn it if you want! Just get it out. If you can spare ten minutes a day to journal your thoughts, what you’re feeling.. or not feeling, try it. Take a month to write about YOU. It can be a gift of releasing sadness and grief after a break up. It can motivate you to start that project, paint that room, tear up the rug, finish a floor or redecorate your living space. It can help you clear out feelings of loneliness, insecurities, self doubt, guilt, self loathing. If you are feeling depressed, writing can open up the soul. It hurts to write sometimes, it hurts to remember sometimes. What is important here is to just Write it OUT… get it out, release it. I promise you.. you will feel a lightness inside. Another act of self love, self improvement.

So, take small steps. This isn’t a race. Life isn’t a race. We hold many chapters of our lives deep in our soul. Peeling some of the layers exposes us to find our new self. Our authentic self. Our world is forever changing and evolving. So should we. You’re worth trying something different or new. It’s ok to change your course. You can heal pain and trauma. Small steps. Most importantly, remember that you matter. Get OUTSIDE in nature. Gods gifts allow us to appreciate simplicity. Fresh air, tall trees, trails and waterfalls. Gardens and places that make you smile and feel loved and supported. Finding your very own gratitude and nourishing your soul. Let that be your mantra and motivation for 2021. Our new 46th President, Joe Biden said; Our country is in desperate need of healing and hope. I think he “gets it”! For that, I am hopeful too. Peace and Love to all of you in 2021.

~ leelee