A few of my favorites

Good Day! Sweet, lazy Sunday’s….who doesn’t cherish the moments of serenity. It’s my most reflective time, spiritual, self evaluations, exploring, evolving, desperate to remember to pen my deepest thoughts and leave a fingerprint of my essence to my children, my family. So many moments we experience pass us by in a flash, and others remain within us for a lifetime. I often sit and think about things I haven’t written about. Sometimes, I journal them in various little books so I don’t forget the “moment”. The truth is, I want to share them with you, the reader. I want someone to know me, get me, relate to me.  I am sure you are curious like me. You  enjoy reading someone’s story, their journey, we all seek inspiration.  Mine comes from strong, successful, funny woman. My fav’s….I have quite a list. Let’s start with comedians. I adore, Phyllis Diller, she was one of the first women that made it “big” with her hysterical humor. I must not forget Carol Burnett, Lucille Ball. I watched them as a very young girl, funny ladies. Joan Rivers…I’m obsessed with Joan, yes the jew from New York. She’s my kinda broad, no nonsense, tough, driven and one of the most naturally funny people I’ve had the pleasure of watching. Lisa Lampinelli, when you’re in the mood for “raw’ sexual, filthy in your face New York brassy broads, she’s my girl!  Honorable mentions to Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, Kristin Wig, Melissa McCarthy, Chelsea Handler, Kathy Griffin. Rosie O’Donnell was from my old neighborhood, well, I related alot to her and cheered her all the way. I DVR Joan & Melissa. I sit in awe. Joan I believe is going to celebrate her 80th birthday. REALLY? again, she inspires me and I laugh for real each week. LOVE HER!  I love watching women rise in our society. They head government offices, fortune 500 Companies, produce their own shows, direct and invest and inspire each of us to achieve. There is no more stigma or limit to a woman’s worth or dream. We’ve come a long way since the 50’s housewife. Bravo! It took long enough. I say thank you to every chick who made me belly laugh. Nobody can ever replace you, you’re truly one of a kind.  Enjoy your beautiful carefree Sunday all, I hope to be back with lots of my favorite thing blogs. Until then…Keep on bloggin’  *peace ~ leelee

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