Accent table Re-Do, from rags to riches


Photo Jun 22, 5 37 30 PM



Good evening my fellow bloggers.  I am stealing a few minutes to show you my latest redo project. I found an adorable solid wood end table at a yard sale. She told me to make an offer… I did!  $2 bucks? She said….SOLD! So off I went, me and the beat up end table. I had some ideas floating around my head and I decided that I would give it a good sanding, cleaning and finish it for my little beach room.  I chose a pretty ocean blue spray paint. I also gave it a good coat of primer before I painted.  The table was in decent condition. It had a few nicks and bumps, but it had great bones. The sanding really did smooth the finish and the paint sprayed on nicely.  Oddly, I loathe painting with a brush/roller. I find sanding somewhat therapeutic and I love smooth rounded clean edges. I also don’t mind spray painting. It’s easy, it looks even and hides a multitude of imperfections. It has a nice gloss in it and the end result, when applied properly is quite professional and finished.  I sanded and cleaned and prepped the table. A couple hours of labor and it was good to paint. It’s important to follow the directions to get the best results with your spray paint. It’s best to tackle each side as thorough as possible, you can always go back and touch up. I bought 2 cans. The first coat took a whole can. The 2nd coat required maybe 1/2 the can. Well, of course, I took before and after pics for you to browse. I really like the end result. Krylon products are excellent. It dried in a few hours. It  was really fun. I am eager to tackle some other wood pieces I have collected here and there. Enjoy the new end table, it fits lovely in the beach room <3 ~ leelee

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