approaching the finish line

Good Morning from cloudy New York.  I haven’t seen a flake of snow yet…. Long Island had lots of rain yesterday and today’s forecast is abit chilly at a high of maybe 40.  The week ahead shows up in the 50’s, so hey, I’m not complaining here.  It is time to decorate and get festive for Christmas and more importantly!!!!  (drum roll please!)  The countdown has officially begun! Our Granddaughter will arrive on New Years Eve!  via C section.  It is exciting to know we will meet her in 3 weeks.  I pray the delivery and baby arrive safely and most of all healthy.  They are busy getting there nursery ready and in order for Anna Lisa.  I am trying to be patient and calm till our little one makes her debut!  I finally got my new camera up and running, I can’t wait to play with it and be able to share some beautiful pictures and moments with you. 

I am going to start the holiday baking frenzy. I have a dozen or so delicious cookie recipes I make every year. My daughter is kind enough to help her Mama, and we do it for several weeks and fill dozens of tins and containers of cookies.  I give tins as gifts and also bring a dessert platter to my brother’s for Christmas Eve dinner. It’s a tradition we share, and my husband has quite the sweet tooth himself!

I took advantage of online shopping again this year. I must say, it wasn’t very stressful and I got most of what I wanted.  I hunt for free shipping or a good coupon codes and they deliver right to my door. It’s a good thing, and it saves me lots of time. A win, win hands down.

The nursery is still under way,  it appears, Mike is not super motivated to paint this time around. I suppose with alittle coaxing and nagging, he should get it finished SOON! I can’t wait to show you the pics, it is coming along so cute!  On that note, my readers, it is time to get busy and sort through all the Christmas décor.  It’s a big task, but someone has to decorate around here!  Blessings to all <3 ~ leelee

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