Autumn awaits….

Good Day to all. The last day of September, full steam ahead into October, fall, autumn brilliance.  On Long Island this means, fall harvest and pumpkins and apples and cider and that magical month or two ahead of the leaves changing. i live in a wooded community, in the hills, plenty of gorgeous majestic oaks and maples and walnut trees. I like so many of you LOVE the fall. Afterall, don’t most women in their aheem 50’s??? It’s cool, early mornings are brisk and the sun is so bright and warm, it’s heaven.   Funny, just in time for my newest annoyance… flashes. WHAT!  Are you serious leelee? Fans myself, and nods. Yes…friends, I’m afraid to even utter, whisper the truth. They have begun.  So, I have been in a secret panic. I flash back to my beloved Mom.  She pretty much suffered and went through the “change” for like 20 years. I’m not KIDDING. This has been my secret fear.  Honestly, she didn’t handle the “change” very well.  She was quite overcome by all of it. She didn’t seek medical help and she suffered. I pray my journey is less dramatic.  

Enough of that! I have been “nesting” like any good future Grandmother should!  I planned on getting my sweet Granddaughter’s nursery room renovated and I have been busy crafting and cleaning out the bedroom for our sweet baby to be.  The mommy told me she chose butterflies for her nursery theme. Gosh, I was thrilled about that. So many possibilities and ideas floating around my head. I am eager to tackle this project with alot of energy and excitement. 

I shared a few months ago, that I picked up an antique rocking chair for the baby.  It was a hideous dark maroon color. When they announced they were having a  GIRL! I jumped and decided on glossy white. I envisioned butterflies and her name Anna Lisa <3 in pretty pastels.   So I decided, I better sand and smooth and Prime the chair. I ended up with a glossy white spray from Krylon.  It took several coats to cover, but I think I am finally satisfied with the finish.  I will monogram and stencil some pretty butterflies and share it with all of you soon!   Off to work  I go, enjoy your Tuesday.   ~ Love, leelee

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