Autumn blows in…

Hello Bloggers:   YEsssssssssss its been awhile, amid the chaos and drama, I still have faith and belief that one day I will be a blogger (for real)…Being a blogger to me means a sincere committment, learning new softwares and links and buttons and reaching out and drinking in every blog I can read! It’s way encompassing, but deep inside, I know its in me. I’ve been babbling and writing and journaling since I am a kid. I also realise that I “think” about blogging that..or I get this profound moment of wisdom or clarity or I just discovered a new phrase or a daily inspiration and I dreamily blog about it in my mind. Well friends, lets be honest, none of those leelee moments are gonna get this blog up and running. I feel like I should share my obstacles. 1st being…wordpress…My daughter hastily loaded it onto my laptop, made me an account, and rushed like a banshee for like some theme design and font. Thanks Danielle…then she stormed off and said..ummm there are “tutorials” online if you wanna sit and learn it Mom. Thanks, again, I haven’t conquered any of it “yet”. Ok, so my 2nd obstacle/fear, I am not as “internet” savvy as all the sassy college kids that instictively know how to web design and are totally internet geeky! I have subscribed to over 20 bloggers as of late, and their pages are filled with all kinds of really cool, neat STUFF! They seem to form bonds with other bloggies and promote each other constantly. They have all kinds of giveaways and incentives…its like this lil blogger secret world I am just discovering. To me…hitting the 50 mark this year (ugh)… I feel like a VCR.. I mean, I am just not HIP to this world. Although, I find all of this fascinating and creative, I am still a baby in the big Blog world.  3rd..well the wonderful world of “sponsors”… the fuel that pays them to do this daily, the connection with every point of interest and how it all harmoniously falls into place. These incredible writers/bloggers make a LIVING off of this. Some I notice just post pictures of their excursions, or recipes with a short comment under it. It doesn’t seem particularly difficult. I admit, I can take pictures and upload them and post them on the net with little captions. I have written letters and dedications to my loved ones. I just feel like I have only knicked the surface of what I want my blog to be. I guess I am asking for help. I am not used to doing that, and I didn’t even plan on asking today. Maybe my darling webmaster daughter will read this? Maybe she will take pity on her Mom..and throw me a net bone. I will remind her that she has decided to make a conscious effort to practive patience and drop her attitude at the workplace. I think HERE is a good place to excerise that. Autumn is here, the world is changing colors, presidents and I am still on my journey to total “blogger”. If anyone has any suggestions, Please leave me a comment. I will pass out and thank you profusely!  ~ leelee

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