Commuting stories (con’t) & the FLU!

Good Morning America! As you all know, I have been in the “underground” sorta speak. I have felt totally disconnected leaving at the crack in the dark, and returning late in the evening…. again, in the dark. I’m getting used to it. Errrrr, well, I have no choice, but to commute in freezing temps and catch a nasty flu, well, lets say, it hasn’t been exactly blissful.  I’m determined, it’s a personal challenge and victory. I’m 1/2 a century old, but certainly not dead yet, this too shall pass. My travels have been an adventure daily, who knew the entire center of the universe teetered on catching the “earlier” train?? A ton of people run, they plow through the crowds, they curse, and rant and everyone is apparently “late”. This week was a basketball game, and a Hockey game, lemme tell you, these events ROCK the core of the commuters. The trains are packed, delayed, they change tracks at the last moment and it literally sends people into a frenzy of STRESS bags. Again, this Island girl, doesn’t see their point, nor do I sympathize with their mental issues. I am never in that “much” of a rush to get to my destination. I get there when I get there….Amen. On Thursday, I begged the “train” people to move in abit so I could squish on the train. They grunted and negated my request and their stone cold NY faces got even uglier. So…I had no choice but to squish, petrified that I would get sucked into the “GAP”, shrugs, they ignored me and scowled at me, holding their precious 2 inches of personal space, staring at their PHONES, never making eye contact for more than a nano second! Well, now I know THIS was a HUGE mistake of mine. I wound up squished and pinned in the corner of the entry ways, contorted and twisted for over an hour. I’m giggling now, but that trip home was really not at all “fun” or adventurous. The next evening, I encountered a professional woman in a window seat, I saw a free seat next to her, so I plopped, exhausted. I hear her moan and groan abit, and scowl under her breath. In 2.2 seconds, she abruptly stands up, whips her coat off the rack above, hastily grabs her extremely large “coach” bag, and proceeds to smash through the sets of 3 peoples legs to escape! I know whats going on here. I know the look of disgust and misery. She doesn’t want to be squished next to me, so I purrrrr softly…Oh are you leaving? She stops while stepping on my suede boots, HELL YEAH! I guess this was one of many encounters with discrimination. I was simply too “fat” for her liking. I am floored by this for several reasons. She being a black woman herself have endured and suffered discrimination in her life. I know how hurtful that must be, disrespectful, bullied even. It was discouraging that she hadn’t learned to be human and kind. To accept one another regardless of their size, race, gender. I prayed for her and sulked about it all for the evening. To each his own, I will never become “that” type of human being. I arrived home last night, with our first “winter” snowfall. Silvery, sparkling snowflakes gently touching our earth. It was peaceful and calm, we stopped for Hot & Spicy soup and came home and decompressed. I made it till 11pm, catching up on my tv shows and had a nice deep sleep. Ahhhh, heaven. Now if I can beat this darn Flu, I am sure I will be able to finish my training, 15 working days to GO! (whose counting right?). You bet your bippy I am, I miss my lil quiet serene country roads and inner sancity and sanity! Today, I will nest, and regroup and make some beautiful meals and enjoy the serenity surrounding me. Love & warm thoughts xxx~ leelee

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