Fear, our world today

I awake with prayers and heartache for the victims of the Paris, France attack last night. I hear you, I feel you and I understand your trauma and tragic losses. We all are heartbroken to learn of this insane, senseless attack. I am glad the terrorists blew themselves up. The world has 8 less terrorists to deal with. Amen.

I heard the news last night. I was walking into the bedroom and heard CNN blasting about ISIS, about deaths, about multiple attacks. I heard 100’s of victims shot by gunmen. I heard 1000’s from one reporter? Once again we are thrust into terror. They state that terrorists, group ISIS, has taken credit for the attack in Paris, France.  Described as a lovely, quiet, upscale popular town in Paris.  It houses, families, cafe’s, bars, shops. The stadium was packed for a soccer game a few miles away. A typical Friday evening. Everyone is out and about. Celebrating, enjoying a game, a drink, a meal. Then, in one split second, the world changes. Fear instills, death occurs instantly. Chaos. I am still in awe of the response from the French Army. They were summoned and thousands of soldiers flooded those streets. It was war, declared instantly. I fell asleep and prayed for each victim. I asked my God, WHY?  again? Help us. I ask and pray everyday for my son’s friend. I ask God…Why him? Billy murdered? Children and families shot and murdered? It makes no sense to any of us. I saw a pic of a black hooded man. He identifies as an ISIS, terrorist. He was a murderer. I awake this morning to hear,  7 Terrorists blew themselves up together. The 8th terrorist, was killed by the French police.  Murder/Suicide again. I believe and sadly fear this will continue in our world. This radical, inhumane, barbaric form of  Religious Radicals.  Army’s of racists and religious fanatics who only prey on the INNOCENT,  our brothers and sisters, not their enemies. In their warped and desensitized state of mind of a trained terrorist. It starts at birth perhaps they are born into it, bred to kill for Allah, for land, for power, oil, their interpretation of a God who whispers for them to kill 100’s of loving, hard working, human beings??? They become mere cowards to us instantly. They are truly  brain washed & mentally detached from humanity and reality. They kill for their cause, their religious belief, they believe Allah has sent them to perform a mission of murder. Each,  sacrificing their own life for their God and their beliefs, mostly for POWER. It has poisoned their mind.  The new devil, the cold, insane mind of a warped trained, terrorist.  They are everywhere, in every land, city, continent. They all have one thing in common. They are haters of the free world. Born and breed to destroy and kill.  Violence and terrorism is a deadly potion. Lethal, toxic, indestructible.  Their taking responsibility!  that in itself, explains their irrational state of mind. They always commit suicide to “seal the deal” This is their final vow?  In my mind, they were nothing to begin with. Nothing human lives inside a killer. They will not be memorable, they leave with no legacy, no purpose. They are like robots. They kill themselves for well….for,  NOTHING really. They must have been conditioned, tortured, hypnotized to believe this. I suspect years of it, decades maybe.  They must be suicidal to sneak into a town and just randomly kill people. After 9/11, all of us knew. We are no longer safe.   No place on this earth is terror free. They take that from us, every time they kill someone, we are not safe, or free. They commit an act of terrorism, in their eyes, their minds, they succeed. Seriously? Death is not a success. It is destroying our world. I am mostly sad that these acts of terrorism,  develops hate inside me. The attacks damage us.  They leave fear, despair, chaos, uncertainty and unfortunately hate lingers. The media circus, it’s happening. I refuse to sit and watch it for 8 hours. I would rather help them. Help France and those families recover.  ISIS, the new terror in our world.  They spare no one, they simply kill because it hurts, it makes us all stop and take notice of THEM.  To me, they are not human. They are a cult of hell.  They are the darkness we all fear.   I will burn the candles today for each victim and family suffering from this horrible attack.    I hope you will too.  Love, ~ leelee






in hono0r

love,  ~ leelee

I burn this eternal candle in honor of the victims of the terrorist attack in Paris, France  11/13/15

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