Goals, milestones, hope & love

I am off to the office shortly, but I have a few thoughts, emotions, joy, fears, all jumbled up inside me. I sit with my “stuff”, for days or weeks I ponder a solution, a compromise, a bandaid, sometimes I journal or write and  sometimes I cry, sometimes analyze, sometimes I over analyze until  I find a beacon of light, a small ray  of hope , or just  a simple  solution. I always boast to people that “I’m all about the solution”. It’s a big part of my job, negotiating, selling, fixing, rectifying, ass kissing if you will,  and afterall,  being a mother and a wife…well, you learn to negotiate well.  I’ve learned to pick and choose what is truly worth my time, my patience, my love. I have guided and pushed myself to do the things that bring me joy and peace and happiness.  I have struggled with many issues throughout my life, today I choose to win, to move above it, to conquer, most of all to forgive and move on,  forward, no regrets, no guilt, no problem.

I am coming up on my year after weight loss surgery. Yes, time does fly, so have the pounds, off I say, and quietly I celebrate my new health, my new self. It’s beautiful and pure and unpretentious. It’s hard for me to acknowledge that I will reach my goal by December, really mind blowing and surreal in a way. I most of all want to acknowledge that I was gentle with myself, delicate and loving to my body. I took care of my dietary needs, and it became routine quickly. I must say 10 months later, I feel healed and I am able to eat a small portion comfortably. It is a long road, sometimes challenging but very much worth it.  My diabetes is slowly dissipating, like every other health ailment I had for over 30 years, today…I have none.  The miracle has happened, I work on embracing and acknowledging my new self daily…..most of all I feel alive, again.  I  set a personal goal a year ago and I am very, very close to it. ….I will try like I do everyday, to love myself, make my health and diet a priority and enjoy the blessing of health & well being. Thank you Jesus for protecting me and guiding me on this journey…..


The road is long and steep

Yet, I’m going to climb, one step at a time

slow and steady. I may not win the race

I’m just going to enjoy the ride this time  ~



Have an awesome day <3  xxxxx ~ leelee

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