Having alil Faith in me, prayers answered, little miracles happen

Today is a great day in Leelee’s world. So much goodness and humbleness. I just knew I had to share it with you.  For over a month, I have been waiting to hear about a promotion I applied for at my company. Well….sigh…sniffles…. I GOT THE JOB! Yes!  So many emotions, I’m so elated and honored to have been chosen. I was up against 10 strong applicants and sadly some underlying bullshit about “male code” that a coworker exposed to me recently. I ignored all the ignorance and bravado machoism’s and just went in head first, strong, prepared, confidant and I NAILED IT. I prayed.ALOT..I prayed to God to everyone and Jesus. I practiced some positive affirmations and I walked and burned off my anxiety. I forced myself to constantly think positive thoughts, I recited the “act as if”, “fake it till you make it”, believe in yourself Leelee. This is what you want. You want this promotion!, you are qualified for the job, and you are a born Sales girl! I talked to my Mama in heaven, everyday, asking, praying, pleading with her. Somehow,  many days I left it in God’s hands and God’s will. I am so grateful for the opportunity. Today, is my last day before my week long vacation. I mentioned it to my ” new” boss this week and low and behold she decided to secretly offer me the position before the day was out. I will officially begin in 2 weeks.Yea!  Pivotal changes and visualizing that in your mind, manifesting your gifts and sharing them. Precious moments in your life. They don’t come often, sometimes those moments are fleeing and momentary. Some are life changing and fulfilling on so many levels. I’ve learned to live in the moment….Leelee’s moments if you will. <grins>.  So prayer, and faith and soul searching and reaching for that star…it’s not bullshit, it’s real and I’m living proof that it certainly can work. It can work miracles in your life. Honestly, faith and prayer can change your life. Here’s a good example. I never visualized or thought I could really ever quit smoking. Cigarettes were just a part of me, always smoking, always stressing about them, but never believing I could actually quit. I smoked for 38 years. Never quit, ever. Well,  It’s 8 months now. It’s possible… is all I’m saying.  I didn’t think I could lose 75lbs, ever. I pretty much stayed the same for the last 33 years. I have never felt so healthy as I do now. At my interviews,  I shared life changing stories from customers and patients with my bosses, I showed my ambition and passion.  I shared a part of me, and they believed.  So, I am up for the challenge, the job obviously involves sales. I love commissions, that motivates me for sure. I love that the job requires some travelling. Lots of company seminars,  conventions and lots of social events 🙂 year round. My company wines and dines our clients, treats them like Gold… I like it! I look forward to all the trainings, boot camps, you name it, I am up for it all! So, I will light a candle tonight and sit and pray and meditate my blessings and thankfulness. I will channel and connect with my Mom and sincerely thank her for guiding me and protecting me. #angelinheaven.

Ohhhh and I almost forgot! We are headed up north to the in-laws lake houses for a few days.  Our 4th of July reunion resumes and we are all excited to sneak away and enjoy the family and extended family and the beautiful lake.  I have been dreaming of the lake, each day I meditate and feel that energy. It has this aura,  serenity, beautiful sunsets, loons, happy smiley people everywhere.   I have a special surprise this year.  My in-laws have been grieving, and they lost 2 family members recently both young, the family was to say the least devastated and stunned. It has been so hard letting go and moving on and accepting.  I thought if we light those beautiful Chinese lanterns; the paper ones that float and soar, a Thailand tradition I believe, over the lake and watch them fly… we could each send lanterns and messages to the ones we love and miss.  I hope it brings them all some peace. Life is so very fragile, you must make time for love and family. Anyway,  I have some cooking to do and packing and lots to celebrate. Life is continuing, evolving, forever changing. It’s how we handle the changes and embrace the future, determines the outcome for sure. So enjoy the beautiful  Fireworks! Truly one of my most favorite things….God Bless America! Have a wonderful 4th. *peace ~ leelee xxx

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