Honey booboo child is NOT a shirley temple

Well, Hello bloggers! I am sitting here reading the latest news updates and gossip and low & behold I stumble upon yet another honey booboo child clip. This is the 4th clip since she has been making the circuit of morning/daytime TV spots. Each interview gets more and more uncomfortable and clearly the child is NOT happy. Little Miss Alana has had a reality TV kiddie breakdown.  I blame TLC for promoting this reality show. Clearly, this child is not enjoying her new found celebrity status. Her mother can’t possible get more boring or awkward. They have done literally dozens of interviews, each interview has become more disturbing and you can’t help but wonder if honey booboo Alana is suffering from some sort of  condition.  This newest clip with Dr. Drew (does this confirm the family could benefit from some therapy or intervention???). I hope Dr. Drew offers his services for free after this interview. Here is the link


With each “meltdown” Alana has, her mom June swears the child has not been given any “sugar or gogo juice”.  I think the child has reached her celebrity patience level and the parents are forcing her to appear at every interview.  I feel the truth shows at the end of this video, honey booboo will not communicate or answer the host and swats at him! Mother June pokes the child once or twice. Then the sweet little honey booboo child states, “I dont like being on TV”, to Dr. Drew, and her mama June responds…”that’s not true!”.  Well,, we all know that June refuses to get glasses, I for one am glad she does not operate a vehicle.  But It is clear she is overwhelmed by her childs behavior and even makes excuses for her rudeness. Perhaps the mother should tune into her daughters behavior and reevaluate her decision to continue filming shows and entering pageants. It appears poor Alana was just soaking up all the positive attention she got at first, now all she wants is to go back to Georgia and eat cheese balls. Lets pray this saga ends quickly BOO HOO!

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