I feel a titch of SPRING in the air

Happy Sunny Spring (ish) Mornin’ to All!  We made it through another week, and isn’t it funny how Easter and April creep up so fast! My new full time job takes up a good portion of my days, I fall alseep earlier, I get up earlier, I adhere to a schedule and I must admit, its nice to have the house to myself! I don’t need to rush and share the bathroom, heaven, I can do my chores early and come home to a nice neat kitchen! As of Monday,I am officially finished with my free taxi service for The Husband.  I schlepped this man to and fro for almost a year. Up at the crackage, and scooping him up each evening while trying to prepare dinner and a daily challenge to NOT run over a commuter darting in front of my moving car. So…I’m so done with all that. Drive yourself dude, you’re a big boy (sometimes).  I don’t recall a Thank you..I do recall the backstreet driver rants and critiques on a daily basis. HEY! FYI, Potholes happen alot in the winter months due to heavy snow plowing. I find it hysterical that you truly expect me to avoid them ALL at all costs, CHILL OUT. Lastly, as I recall, your driving record over the past few years well….it sucks. I practice safe driving and offensive driving. I am laid back and curteous, patient and I don’t hit cars or let them hit me (smirks).  I got my old car back now, my daughter used it for almost a year steady. It looks tired and neglected, I can so relate. On a lighter note…The sun has risen, and I am reflecting on our Holy holiday tommorrow. Jesus rises, I’m a catholic, so I’m glad he did. Easter bunnies and addicting reeses mini peanut butter eggs.(overdosed ty!) I am  Reflecting on holidays in the past, all the celebration and joy and laughter, beautiful memories. My oldest brother hosts most of the big holidays now, he has a blended family and a new Granddaughter, a reason to celebrate and count our blessings. I enjoy being with my sibs for a good meal and alot of laughs. I often drift back and miss my mom deeply. My mind plays out the weekend preparations, the extensive menu and shopping and prepping. We did it alone, me & my mom, for many many years, religiously. It is what she lived for, cooking and serving her family. Many traditions change, your entire life changes and readjusts to life without them here with us. I miss having them in my home and serving them <3. I will make some desserts and a Easter basket for my great niece and enjoy the moments we are so blessed to have. Happy Easter and Passover to all my blog lovin friends, I am thankful you are here. Peace*

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