I miss you <3 Tom

Hello! Frozen much?  laughs, yes, according to my weatherman, the husband,  it is the coldest day in 20 years! The husband always keep me apprised on the latest weather updates. I awoke this morning, and glanced out the front door.  An inch or two…that’s all. ( In my Meryl Streep voice) Seriously though,   I do chuckle when I think of the crazies on the roads yesterday. Darting, dashing, cutting you off, sheer panic. However, I just received a text from my sis in law in New Hampshire. HOLY whiteness. They literally are snowed up and in, the picture showed her bay front window. We are talking like 5 or 6 feet of fresh snow, on top of 3 or 4 feet of frozen snow….ummmm…. Yikes, she doesn’t seem too thrilled with that winter wonderland scene. (I thought it was so pretty and untouched) ANYWAY…..Old man winter is showing his shit. There ya go.

I blogged a little yesterday, and that shit swirled in my mind most of the day.  I know my kid reads this blog on occasion, she designed it for me and she has always encouraged and pushed me to write and blog. I just don’t want to hurt anyone. There is way too much drama and sadness in our family right now. So I unpacked the sweets he bought me, and displayed and decorated the table with all the cute things he bought and picked for me.  He made the effort, he cares, he tries, and I didn’t quite acknowledge that. In his own way, without any fancy words, he told me he loves me. Today, that is enough.  I cooked and made his favorites, slow cooked beef short ribs and banana cream pie and we went out and grabbed some excellent dim sum and saw the tax people, and in less than 20 minutes, we both realized, we aren’t getting a refund! But we as always, gave 25% to the government. Thank you very much! I prayed and thought and stared at the perfect snowfall. I wept for my brother, I miss him and I think about everyone who loves him and how they are hurting too.  I had ordered some healing crystals and stones and some Garnet charms, his birthstone. I received some yesterday. They are beautiful and bring me some comfort.  Today, I was browsing the net and I found this. For him, because I love and miss him so very much.


For Thomas


the moment you left me

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