Introduction…Hello World!

Hi! My name is Leelee and Welcome to my blogspot. I have so much stuff to share and post about. It’s hard to organize it all, so I thought…..Write a Blog! I love to write, I have been a writer since I was a young teen. I felt the immediate release as soon as the pen hit the pad and I have been writing, journaling about all my adventures and life’s “moments” ever since. My writings and journaling have always been a part of me, in recent years I would discover how it helped me heal while grieving the loss of loved ones. I want to thank my daughter for introducing me to WordPress, and for helping me get started.  The other evening we were sharing some websites and new ideas and I mentioned that I thought it was important to organize my recipe collection. My Mother taught me how to cook at a very young age, she was taught by her Grandmother. The old school generations had no recipe’s perse to follow, much is stored in the mind. It was also a way of not truly divulging all the ingredients, clever huh! I am excited and determined to pen each recipe I was taught, and I am thrilled to share some of my very own. I am humbled as I write this, each time I cook a family recipe, the memories and love coming shining through. Tradition is the glue that binds us and defines us all. I feel honored to share some of it with you. Along with food, I am passionate about sharing my Loves, the things that simply bring me happiness and joy. I’m an avid gardener and bargain hunter, I love home decor. I am a moonchild according to the stars, I am most comfortable in my lil abode. My most precious treasures, family heirlooms and collections are always close to me.  I chase sunsets and dream by the ocean, and as I penned one day… on Fire Island, I am more myself next to the ocean, where I dream and the waves rock me to sleep. I love to photograph “moments”, so I hope to be sharing some of them with you also.

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