Isn’t she lovely!

Blessed are those who are lucky enough to experience the moment when you hold your Grandchild for the first time…. I  am truly blessed. I am happy to announce & welcome the newest member of our family….


Miss Anna Lisa

Birthday 12/31/14

6 lbs, 12 oz. 19″inches of pure love & joy.


She came into this world like she belonged

Her sweetness & love are totally infectious

She is like a little angel, made of soft silk and calmness

The moment she arrived, our world was forever blessed <3


Anna Lisa 4

Mommy & baby Anna Lisa are doing great. She LOVES her Daddy and he is completely smitten with her. She eats like a typical Italian, and consumes every last drop! She is growing and thriving and keeping her Mama & Daddy busy for sure.  Everyday, she brings us pure joy and LOVE into our hearts.  Each day she stays awake abit longer to soak in all the beauty and love that surrounds her. I watch my husband with this child and my heart melts. He is also head over heels for our baby Anna Lisa <3. Welcome her to this beautiful world.   Her mother snapped this picture in the hospital at 2 days old.  I know…….feel free to Melt…you can’t help it!


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