I’m determined to figure this out!

Happy 4th of July Everyone! It’s a scorcher in New York, it is quite a change for all of us Northerners. We had 3 months or so of steady 70 degree weather. Reality check! It’s July! Summer is in full swing, and so are the temps! I was abit overwhelmed after my first post. I am sorta “winging it”, using this new software. I can’t find the “delete” button yet. I may be able to type 100 wpm, but I am old school…to all this new stuff .Afterall, I learned on a selectric!  So I accidentally posted my blog twice. I am determined to stick with this! I had to ask my daughter to help me edit my blog, and in mock speed she made a few changes, she flew through the program and edits so fast,  I was left dizzy! Then she flew out the door! Patience is a virtue, or so I’ve been told. I am sure with practice and focus and alil praying , this blog will come together someday. I believe if you are open to learning, anything is possible. Now back to reality! We just returned from my husbands annual family reunion in New Hampshire.  His family lives on lake Canobi in Salem New Hampshire. It’s a beautiful place. Peaceful and breezy, the moment you arrive, the glistening calm lake, the boats and cool breezes make you instantly relaxed. I felt completely sedated, it is quite magical. Everyone is gracious and welcoming. All the neighbors stop over and they have the most magnificient fireworks display on the lake.  The world seems perfect when we vacation there. No stress, no work, no worries, just making lifelong memories. This year my sisterinlaw suggested  a “potluck” supper for one night. So I was busy planning a great dish when my husband said….”meatballs” please. I said Meatballs AGAIN!!! So…it’ssorta became a tradition. Each year I cook up an entire roasting pan of homemade italian meatballs and sauce. They request it, laugh about it, but they all love it so I am happy to do it. I will blog the recipe for anyone who is interested. I also made a special dessert. My husband’s neice recently got engaged. I found a great recipe on Pinterest and decided to try it. They were a huge hit. I wasn’t too surprised. Chocolate chip cookie bottom, with Reeses peanut buttercup/ or Oreo cookie in the middle and a brownie topping. So easy! I will post that recipe for you too! I guess this is enough for today. I have some dishes to prepare for the 4th. I can’t wait for the Fireworks tonight. Stay cool and enjoy this independence day!  ~ leelee

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