Little Surprises that I sow….


Tis Friday! I only have a few minutes to type like a speed demon. Last night, after work, I was puttering around the yard, admiring all the blooms about to burst! Ahhh, yes I believe spring is ready to show us its natural beauty and gifts. I’ve been waiting to see my little surprises that give me instant joy. Last year, when I was not working, I lazily planted bulbs that I picked up after season. I tend to almost forget what I dug in the ground. I love that moment when I discover a perfect Parrot Tulip sprouting. It’s like a gift from the garden goddess! My heart soars and my eyes study that perfect flower. That little package of bulbs I got for a dollar on clearance. I have always loved flowers, simple or exotic, they simply soothe my soul. I have a passion for Lilacs, I love everything about them. They bring back sweet childhood thoughts and memories. The moment they bloom and I inhale that perfumed scent, I am as close to heaven as I can get. My Mom <3 bought me a few russian hybrid lilacs and one traditional fragrant white lilac. She gave me one for Mother’s Day the year she had passed. I can’t begin to explain the joy and excitement when it blooms. I planted it in my front garden bed, next to my bay window. I open that window and it sends waves of perfume to me. My mom always bathed in perfumes and splashes, perhaps it reminds me of her.  They bloom in May and last maybe a month or so, but the love & energy they give last forever. So here’s alil confession!  I know a few spots that have humongous purple lilac bushes. I wait…. I drive by and then I stop, pull over and clip a few blooms. I run home to place them in my grandmothers crystal vases and bask in their sheer beauty and scent.  Ok, I feel a tinge of guilt But!!!! I have always done this. Since I was a little girl. I would sneak up to a garden and pluck a flower for my mama. I would race home and present her with a gorgeous Rose and she would shriekkkkkkkk Lisa Marieeeeee did you steal this from the neighbor! (guilty). Perhaps that is where my love affair for flowers and nature began.  What are your favorite treasures in your gardens? I would love for you to share them with me sometime. I can’t wait for my Mom’s Rose garden to  bloom and surprise me with those velvety beautiful blooms. Until then….You know where to find me….puttering around my gardens! Have a blessed sweet day! Love, leelee

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