My Baby….leaves my nest

Good Morning….quiet Sunday. Even though the sun isn’t shining and the weather is still quite chilly, I still see the future, I still see the flowers and hear the birds singing, I still feel the warmth of that brilliant ball of fire on my face, I see you smiling and giggling, I see your beautiful skin glowing, I see your heart beating slow & peaceful and I see you embrace yourself, your own journey,  your eternal beautiful self my daughter as I watch you spread your wings & fly….and learn to love yourself deeply…Ti Amo D.D…

Ahhh so yesterday my 22 year old babygirl moved exactly 10 miles away to her own apartment and space. She moved home this past May and landed a job a few miles away, and has been blossoming and growing and adjusting to the corporate world and the 9-whenever endless days. She rejoiced each “payday”, and saved like a little chipmunk, and splurged on things she always dreamed of.  Somewhere, in all this readjustment and forging into real life stresses, she struggled with taking care of herself. Sticking to her nutritional plan and exercise and that downward spiral that makes you angry and short and impatient and most of all…all we want to do is blame someone else. I get that, Hell! I’ve been in the same battle most of my life. I’m 50, I learned not to beat myself up over my failures or shortcomings. I just try to be better each day. In all facets of my life, striving to be more or  changing what I don’t like.  I just want to teach her to be gentle with her heart and her body, in time much will be revealed. This space and freedom and privacy she seeks will be a positive step to focus on her goals. She has made a few new friends since moving back to Long Island and I see a brighter, active life ahead for her. She is so brilliant with her web design and she really puts her all into everything she does. This kind of tenacity will pay off big time for her…she is only 22, patience is truly a virtue.  What I admire about her is her growing strength and faith in herself. She knows what work is, what it takes to get results and she goes for it.  She was always gifted, creative and dedicated. Her love for fashion and design expands as well as her cray cray crazzzy nail obsession! I remember when she was 16, a whiz on the net, she opened an Etsy store online. My little bookworm was busy in her room making all kinds of trinkets and designs. From a hair accessory to graphic pages and design to sell. She raked in a thousand dollars and held a part time job and graduated high school. I knew she would always find success and continue to grow. So, another adventure, another path on her journey, off she goes. She lives a few minutes from a beautiful upscale town with tons of shops and theatre and lots of clubs and restaurants. I am sure she will love it and her new roommate. She is my heart, always there for me, we giggle ALOT, I find her silly and fun. My advice, is always take it a day at a time, no rush, deep breaths, enjoy the moments*, write, read and enjoy the simple things. I hope we make time for coffee, I hope we still visit farmers markets and find our special treasures together. I have a little housewarming gift for her….its a Key and a key opening…and I write to her. This is the key to my heart, which you hold forever and eternally, I will always support you and love you and rescue you. You hold the key forever <3….good luck my D.D xxxx

p.s. Ok, I must admit, I’m italian, I cook alot, 30+ years of serving my family, and I know it was hard for you to resist my not so figure friendly foods, so I own that…remember you cook with love in your heart and you have become an awesome cook! You actually taught ME a few things…Bravo!


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