Picture Perfect Weekends

Good day, beautiful people. I’ve been super busy the last few weeks. I still managed to sneak in some treasure hunting. Hey! It relaxes me, it centers me. I have had several weeks of interviews for a new position at my firm and I had my final interview yesterday with the VP  Regional Director of the company. I was relieved it was the final step, the last formal interview. The process has been long and tedious. My daughter asked if I was applying for the CEO or the Presidents position LOL.  Not even close I told her. I simply believe in timing, faith, passion and the desire to grow. More importantly, and I must be quite frank and honest, its alot about  the gift of “gab”. I’ve observed and concluded, you either  Have it…or you don’t.  My mama would say, I was born a “salesgirl”. I have the gift, the ability to connect with people, to humor them and to be just leelee. I try and stay true to myself. I bring that energy into the interview. I share my experiences and my desire to truly help others and improve the quality of people’s lives.  I shared parts of myself and felt the energy rise and the connection happen. I am hopeful and praying that I land this job. It’s a dream, a goal and it’s obtainable.  My gut tells me,  I did well, better than I had imagined.  Now, if I can only channel all this nervous energy and anxiety into something creative…hmmmm, my mind is racing, it has been for over 24 hours. I also note that I tend to organize, frantically clean and scrub and rearrange things. I mentally organize and the adrenaline just won’t stop. I contemplated going out to a bar and getting loaded, have good sex, spend pocketfull of $$$ on clothes and  frivalous  things. All those things are momentary. I thought about visiting the cemetery and have a good cry. I have meditated and prayed to my parents daily for weeks, I miss them terribly. I also need to breathe, and hydrate. I noticed that I am feeling dehydrated and that is not good. I made my daily protein shake and scrubbed the bathroom and applied a green tea mask to rejuvenate my tired and stressed body. I knew I needed to write and journal my thoughts and feelings.  I miss the days when I could sit with my parents and share my soul. I try and channel what they would say and how they would support and hold me and reassure me.  I told myself to remember how much they believed in me. I told myself that they would insist I be myself, share my gift and my strength and I would knock em dead.  So that part is over, just waiting for the final result. 

It’s a fact, we truly never stop dreaming. Our journey, our purpose and happiness is ever evolving. What we work towards, how we treat others, to respect ourselves and nourish our bodies and our spirit with faith and hope and kindness is crucial to achieving inner peace and individual satisfaction.  I live my life simply. I don’t envy or compare what I have or am to anyone. I find what moves me, what warms my heart and inspires me and I try and drown in the moment. I constantly remind myself to try and SLOW down. It’s hard lately, my energy levels are sky high. I reached a small goal today. My total loss is 75 lbs in just 7 months. I am so grateful and feel elated that I run up stairs and I don’t get winded and I am active and present each day. I had insomnia last night and it was the first time I even allowed myself to think about a cigarette. I was thinking of how the tabacco and nicotine relaxed your “nerves”. How I chain smoked during a crisis. As soon as the thought started to become appealing, I remembered this….Just one cigarette and you will be back. I finally fell asleep. Thank you Jesus for giving me the strength.

So, what’s a hyper girl to do with all this energy? Read my lips    S H O P.  It works for leelee, what can I say.  Last week, I found a really cute solid wood nightstand. I sanded it down abit and I have been thinking all week about what color it will be transformed into.  I am leaning towards the light blue palette. I have a spare room, it’s my beach room and I think it will fit in there nicely. I took some before photo’s to share with you, and of course I will post them soon!  I think I have enough projects and chores to keep me busy all weekend.  I will boast abit about the gorgeous Long Island June weather. I say it each and every spring and summer. Who would ever travel and leave such perfect paradise? You can’t fly or even buy this kind of sparkling sunshine, light breezes and perfect 70’s temps. #SpoiledrottenonLongIsland <3. We have had  picture perfect weekends, 3 in a row so far.  I’m gonna go out and enjoy them while


they last. Wishing you the same picture perfect day in your world. ~*peace   leeleelong island

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