September Morn….

 Here I am, up way to early, surfing the net, happy that Friday has arrived.   Yesterday, Sept.11th, always a day of reflection, prayer and sorrow. It’s is quite amazing after 13 years we can still remember every detail of that tragic day.  I wish we could all feel and say our world is a better place now. I wish we could erase the horror and PTS that so many people suffer daily from. I wish for peace, and I pray for it. I am not sure I will experience world peace in my lifetime. I can only hope  my children and their children will.  I think what amazed me most is I am humble and so very grateful that my immediate family was spared in the 9/11 attacks. I live in a suburb where many of our NYPD and NYFD live.  Many lost their lives that day. I am surrounded by beautiful memorials all over my town and streets that have been renamed for fallen heroes. I see it everyday, I reflect and remember. I show up at work yesterday with a beautiful Sunflower I picked. It is so beautiful, it looks almost fake! Yet, no one speaks of 9/11. It upset me, surrounded by desensitized youth. Many spend their days glued to a 6″ phone screen.  I can’t help but rant about what our young generation is “missing”. I feel they are missing the big picture. The reality of having a real conversation, without text, without emotes, without real emotion. I often sit and watch kids and adults “check out” of reality and get sucked into the social media frenzy.  Our society dictates that it is more important to see a bad pic of some famous celebrity, then it is to communicate with our children about the most tragic day our nation had ever experienced.  I sense it is more than ever “it didn’t directly effect me” therefore, it doesn’t matter.  It shakes my core to think we can “delete” morals and empathy. It scares me that children can view just about anything online. Very little is censored nowadays. America exposes everything now.  It’s sad that  3 year old can have their own IPAD, it’s mind boggling to me.  Eye contact, it barely exists now. You speak to a teenager and within 60 seconds, they are “checking” their phone. I haven’t been able to accept the new generations way of communicating. Frankly, I think it sucks. I miss staying up until the wee hours, talking. That’s right, we had no other “form” of communication. We had parents and grandparents and aunts and uncles and cousins that was our social media. I sit here today and 110% of me says, I wouldn’t trade my role models with their real stories and real life advice  for the best IPhone money can buy. No Thank you!  To my old school readers.  WE NEVER FORGET 9/11/01 ~ RIP, forever…~leeleetowers

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