Spring Forward!

I figure I’d better HOP on in this blog and do some serious spring cleaning! I’m up early with a ton of energy for some reason. I am grateful that the weekend has arrived. Easter weekend, signs of spring sprouting all around us. I have been pruning and landscaping and spring cleaning the flower beds and my little treasures. After 15, YES 15 memorable snowstorms for 2013/14, I would say everyone is more than ready to welcome sunshine, warmth and the sweet sounds of spring. I have a patch of miniature daffodils. Each year they bloom like magic. It could be freezing, yet this precious bunch of baby daffodils shine. It’s my secret sign that our earth is busy preparing to bloom. We all survived the Polar Vortex’s (Gosh, I really LOVE that new weather word!) and I became really efficient at ice scraping and driving in the worst conditions on a daily basis. I showed up every single day, no matter what mother nature sent that day.  I remember many days where we had the most beautiful blanket of perfect snow. Icicles a foot long sparkling in the sunlight, snowflakes so big they would fill up your hand.  I embraced a true New York winter and managed to find beauty within it. I don’t stress about weather in general. I have lived in New York my entire life, so I cherish the 4 seasons and love each one of them. Living on Long Island has its perks, no doubt about that. One of my favorite places is a horse stable near my home. I am lucky to drive by it each morning. Pal-o-mine stables is a tiny piece of heaven. My morning commute happens to capture the sunrise behind the stables. As I pass each day, the ponies are grazing in the pasture and the sun is glowing and rising behind them.  My moment of perfect peace, I am thankful,  and that is pretty much how I start my day.  It also reminds me that I really want a good camera. Just to capture that moment if I can. I am sure on one my treasure hunts, one will appear for me. In the meantime, I continue to enjoy the fresh air, the warmth of the afternoon sun and digging into my projects and dirt! Speaking of which, I was organizing the shed last weekend and low and behold I came across some Easter cut outs that my Mom & Dad had made together. 2 bunnies holding hands, and one big ole Easter bunny, precious they are, sweet memories live on. I will post a pic! They are too cute not too! I am planning a very low key weekend. I do have a big turkey to roast, and many projects to keep me busy. Sending blessings to all filled with hope and love.  Happy Easter   ~ leelee

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