Good Morning!

I could not wait to log on this morning. I was venting to my daughter last night. I told her how frustrated I was, trying to get my blog up and glowing. I rattled off, tags and sponsors and themes and Followers… and how overwhelmed I was! She took pity, and gave me a little make over. Here it is.. it looks pretty & serene. That hideous picture of me with her gorgeous hair and 1/2 a sunglass peeking thru, well it has got to be changed! Not a biggie. My recent college graduate, my “baby”… Danielle. She landed a job at a web design company her first week after graduation. I am beyond proud of her. She is webdesigning and making her way in the corporate world. She has cute and funny stories about her days. She shows me some of her work, it is awesome.  I tell her of my dreams, she listens. She knows I love to write, to inspire, to grow. I pick her brain and ask her lots of questions about “Bloggers”. I’m a babe in the wood, a flick of a spark in a fire, focusing on being so much more. My urge to connect is tremendous. My ability to pen my thoughts and dreams, well, this is all possible. I’m going to take this one day at a time, like I do with many things in my life, and see where this leads me. I have a feeling, it’s gonna be a great ride. I have a job interview shortly, so I must get ready and get my business face On! I’ll be back soon, wish me luck Please!   Ciao Bella’s  ~ leelee

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