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The light changes in Autumn

I sit quietly this early morning. Before the sun rises. Before traffic and cars. That moment, the stillness and quiet makes me reflect. I realize today may be the first day of Fall. Autumn in New York…upstate to be specific, is spectacular. I live around a few lakes on this island, and the show of light and the hue when I visit them is different. Nature and photography allows me to center and feel peace. I love exploring different spots.When Autumn rolls in, I embrace it immediately. A middle + aged woman truly appreciates a cool night and refreshing breeze! The humidity starts to fade away. My Dad would say, I LOVE this weather. Yep, Dad, me too. I have been taking on the 30 day de clutter challenge! Tik Tokky totally Hypes it UP and it semi motivated me to clear out all the hoarding I’ve done when COVID came into town. Escaping to a thrift store felt like a total “reward”. I remember they taped up all the dressings rooms and blocked them off. Trying on clothing is NOT permitted. Lots of changes and restrictions. I still managed to find special treasures to decorate or craft with. Most of the impulsive buys have been re donated! I THINK I learned a few lessons. To be choosy. To take a second and remember if you already have one or two or twelve! I still escape by myself and find great things that bring me joy…it’s a hobby! I enjoy it. I’ve just become more selective! To conclude; I am fully aware that I am saving the landfills and the planet while I shop. You can thank me later.

In the last few seasons, I managed to re design, redecorate, organize, remove or repurpose a lot of things and “stuff”, most, I already had. I donated three car loads last week. I have zero regret or attachments. My goal is to live with ALOT less and be twice as happy with that! It’s a work in progress. I totally dig re -doing stuff, sprucing up a room. Changing up the curtains and pillows and bedding. I’m now MY Mother.. into linens and lace, it’s definately an Italian thing and I embrace it fully!

My sweet granddaughter turned 1 in May. They came to the USA, first time since COVID! So, We had a great big Party & celebration and lots of PINK and Unicorns adorned. She had a great time and enjoyed meeting our entire NY family. It is hard to put into words the love you feel for your child’s child! It’s like a fairytale. Watching her grow and be happy and loved does wonders for the soul. I thought being a “mommy” was the icing on the cake! Being a Grandmother is the icing and the cherry on top! Such joy. I can’t wait to visit them again soon in Spain! I don’t want to miss the smiles or the milestones. I miss them all too much daily, with the magic of Face Time, we remain connected. Life is about celebrating the gifts we have “here” present, with us. I’m glad she was born. It healed me. She heals me. Holding her in my arms is what matters. I’m already packing for my trip in October! Crazy Nana! I love spoiling her. My other precious Granddaughter in Greece started school last week. She sent me a video of her first day and her smile and kind words always warm my heart. One Day, Anna Lisa, Nana will see you again. One day you will figure out who your Dad is….& my darling, I can’t wait to tell you all about him.

Today, is a perfect, sunny, peaceful day. I embrace everything around me and all that I have to be grateful for. I finally sat down for a spell to write this post. I love writing. I love sharing my heart and my thoughts here. I walked my gardens early today and picked a few zinnia’s for my luncheon later. I’m always amazed at what a few seeds sprinkled in dirt in early summer can become. A symphony of ever giving beauty. It’s the little things…remember* that*. May you find your peace & beauty today~