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Reaching upward

Good Friday everyone. Finally it has arrived with much anticipation and coaxing.  Long Island summers…what can I say? You never want them to end. At least I don’t. Then autumn comes…and I say the same thing! I struggle everyday with even thinking of leaving my homeland. My secret heaven. Our breathtaking island and the ones that secretly surround us. I daydream ALOT about a tiny Victorian cottage at…. The beach. I am blessed to have many beaches around me. All of them unique and tranquil. So, the moment I go over the bridge..heaven. The moment I arrive, I am home. I am peace. I am grateful, elated and thankful. The little things. They become quite big as you age. Grasping the moments, allowing sweet memories to fill your heart. That is what it is about. That is where the true healing begins. Within us.

This leelee moment bucket list. Oh, I have been chipping away at it, seriously.  I just haven’t had the space, time, moments to share them with you. Oh, I will. Cos, well, its on my list!  I have been travelling, and I have remembered to photograph all of the beauty my eyes and heart see and feel.  It might be a simple hybrid sunflower I’ve grown, or a bushel of fresh beans I had just picked. All of those things make me happy.

So the weekend is upon us and I made plans to spoil my lovely daughter to a mommy & daughter Spa day. My generous sales reps gifted me a spa certificate just cause they appreciate me.  So sweet and kind and thoughtful. I thought I would share it with my beautiful, kind babygirl.  We both have had our share of grief, stress, worry and loss. She has been a tremendous support and comfort. I am aware of how brave and strong she has remained. I also know, how hurt and worried she has carried that for awhile. She loves, she cares and she wants our lives to be happy and safe.   I tell her everyday how amazing and loved she is.  My DD. I am proud of her everyday.  I try and teach her to take care of herself, above everything and everyone else.  She is on her own journey and I am cheering from the sidelines in awe. The best is YET to come, I feel it. I love to watch her soar.  The truth is….when I was a little girl,  I dreamed of you. When I was about 6 years old. I remember telling my Mom. I want 6 kids, 3 boys, 3 girls! The moment I found out I was expecting, I felt my dream coming true. You fill my life with love & joy. I am forever blessed because of you.  #loveutothemoon&back.

Enjoy this blessed day, and remember to hug the ones you love close. *peace


~leeleebeauty begins