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snip it…Grey’s Anatomy fan

I can hardly digest the cliff hanger from last week on Grey’s Anatomy. I have been a fan for many years…first ER, & Private Practice, Grey’s. I like the energy the ER brings, the characters are deep and forever changing, I’m a huge fan. But last night, as I was fighting falling asleep during my DVR marathon, I caught the last episode. I admit, I was semi distracted, reading, half dozing, but I am always drawn into the story. First and foremost Meredith Grey. I can’t say it was “love” at first sight. But over the years, Meredith has changed my soul. How can I say anything but praise to her. Derrick, her neuro surgeon hot hubby isn’t too shabby either. I have grown to love them. So please..PLEASE do not write him off!  It ends with her standing after no contact from him for the entire day into dinner time. She hesitates to pick up the phone at “5” pm. Bailey made her promise to wait. As she reaches to make the call, she looks up and see’s flashing police lights. All around, flashing. She narrates, you never know when it happens, you never know how you will respond or not….and it cuts! WHATttttttttttttttttttt….Not my Derrick. Not Dr. Grey, I am not ready.  I will never be ready. I think that is part of my daily mantra these days…accepting…dealing…(how am I dealing?). Making peace with what IS, rather than what you thought….powerful

Love & peace to you today  ~