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Babies & Showers and love

235Good Mornin! & brrrr from chilly & brisk New York. The temps have dropped (a lot) and I am running around doing last minute things for our babymama to be Joanna’s baby shower next weekend. Hard to believe, but we are just 7 weeks away from welcoming a new precious baby into our family. I dream of this little one, filling our lives with a love we have never quite felt before. A winter baby, so this Nana bought lots of warm, cozy, soft things for our Anna Lisa. My son and his girl are hosting a fancy restaurant affair for 50 ladies. I bet the little one will have everything she needs and her Mama desires. I have been having a ball, decorating the nursery, making pretty shower favors for the ladies and shopping! (Goodness, I’m out of control now!) Ok, it’s our first, I simply can’t resist! I’ve been planning a “Clothesline” gift theme, and working on that for weeks. It’s adorable and you basically attach 100 outfits, accessories, and what have with clothespins, and slowly unravel it around the entire room, displaying the collection. Fabulous! I’ve attended several showers that did this and it is a hit! I can’t wait to share the pics with you. So, for the last 6 months, I’ve been stashing baby stuff & btw, if stashing is abit like hoarding, then I admit, I’m so There! I’ve enjoyed every moment of it. I’m also proud to say, I have an entire nursery for my Granddaughter. We are still in the process of painting and finishing floors…So, I promise I will reveal the reno -finished baby nursery as soon as the “husband”, gets on the stick….(meh). In the meantime, I’m humming lullabyes, and dreaming of this little baby arriving soon. Thank you Jesus for watching over her mother and my family. I did some cutesy shower favors, lots of Pink and chocolates. Here is a little sneak pic of the favors. I hope you have a peaceful & warm Sunday. I plan on roasting a chubby chicken and meeting a friend for brunch and do some browsing at a craft/art festival in town. Stay warm & cozy ~love, leelee