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Pins & Needles!

Good Morning. I think Mike and I have pre delivery jitters! We have been anxious and abit hyper the last few days. The final stretch is approaching. Just a few more days of anxiety and prepping for our new arrival. We are patiently waiting.  Neither of my births were scheduled. I had both my children natural, without any epidurals. For some odd reason, I thought that was organic and healthier for the baby. Things were different 30 years ago. I had ultra sounds and weekly visits. I had high risk diabetic pregnancies. I remained healthy and glucose controlled. I lost weight and thankfully, my children had no side effects from my diabetes.  My children were induced, both times. My daughter was 2 weeks overdue. When my OB asked how many “weeks” I was at a weekly check up, I mumbled 52. She listened and decided to do the induction the next day. Joanna is resting, nesting, and feeling very pregnant. She can’t sleep much at all. The baby is moving all night, she told me yesterday, she is ready. I suppose we all are “ready”. As ready as one can be. The anticipation and anxiety are high. The days drag on, and time stands still…while we wait.  I have tons of nervous energy. This morning we awoke @4am. That is just plain silly. The extra early awakening allows me to make more detailed lists and projects to accomplish. I thank God for my energy and stamina. The one amazing perk about losing weight and quitting smoking is you have a ton of energy. What I celebrate is not being winded or out of breath or tired, sleepy, lethargic, and no more extreme joint pain. I can run up stairs like a kid. It’s crazy, yet I am privately celebrating these moments. I have been going 110 mph, for days, I admit it. I need a way to burn off all this anxiety and worry and excitement. For those who know me, well Shopping is my #1 go to…I’ve done enough of THAT the last 12 months, just saying. So I clean and decorate and organize. Yesterday was nearly 50 degrees again, so Mike and I did some yard work. We haven’t had any shhhhhh snow yet, so we cleaned out flower beds and raked and organized some more.  It was good, fresh air, sunny, nice.  It’s nice to have a few days off to catch up and organize and catch up on stuff.

I was hoping to post the pics of the baby nursery. I’m sure all the wives reading today, know this & can relate. The new to be Grandpa, well, he is a procrastinator! he waits to the last minute to paint and finish things, and it drives me NUTS! I did not ask or nag, I simply waited, and waited and huffed and puffed  and mumbled how HIDEOUS the walls look all scuffed up and the room needs a good “scrubbing” from top to bottom before any BABY sleeps in there.  (It worked smirk)…& he loves to “scrub” for special occasions! He should finish the painting today and the room should be ready. I promise to share some pics of the little nursery with you…(yeah, I sound repetitive). How do people function at the 11th hour? I am so not about that. As I get older, I crave organization and order. De Clutter is my new Mantra….(whaaaaat)?? Sounds ironic for a mini hoarder/collector huh?  Good times. LOL. I did finish some cute accent furniture for Anna Lisa’s nursery. I really enjoyed refinishing and decorating, its quite therapeutic. This baby will always have a special room at Nana’s <3.  So we are at the final stretch 4 days and counting! I will certainly keep you posted and appropriately Brag like a good Grandma should :).

So I sit and write to you, and sip my hot coffee and ponder what to do next! I’ve been up for hours already and I must stop myself from dismantling the Christmas décor! It’s not even New Years, I think I should wait a few days.  Part of me is saying. You know how clean and organized it looks after you put away the 20 boxes of Christmas stuff!  It’s that ridiculous OCD organizational voice again. RELAX LeeLee! Geez….. I know.

I await the sunrise this morning, to start a brand new day. I have always believed in God’s grace and the  ” gift” of each new day. In my life, no matter how sad or how bad things can become, it is your faith that enables us again and allows us to begin again, & hope again with each sunrise we are blessed to have.  Pray and meditate today to allow your spirit to comfort and renew you all over again. When we truly live  by the mantra ~One Day At A Time~, it calms and centers us spiritually and mentally. I wish you all a peaceful weekend of serenity and inspiring love <3

*peace ~ leelee