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Summer’s End – on the East End


Hello! On this beautiful Saturday. I get alittle excited around the end of August.  The island changes, it’s a subtle change of colors and the sunsets, the water color skies, well, it simply takes my breath away. I feel a difference in the air, the  sun light, the cool ocean breezes, I could go on forever about it. Instead, I plan on soaking up every moment of it. My sunflower’s are in full bloom. I photograph them a lot. They bring me such simply joy. I chuckle to myself, it only takes one little tiny seed to create this magnificent flower.  It’s the little things right? The island slowly changes its hue, and the mornings are cooler, the sun is so bright and warm without a trace of humidity. I pronounce it “A menopausal dream”.  The truth is, I never want the days to end. I want to soak up every drop of nature, beach, flowers, festivals, outdoor venues of music. I think to myself? How can I ever leave here? Why would I ever want too? Truth is, I don’t. I never have. That says a lot about travelling down the east coast and realizing my truth. I live in a paradise. I truly appreciate every beach I have visited and collected seashells from. Every sunset I have photographed and watched is truly beautiful, but my home, my roots, I have it all here.

We took a trip out to  “The Hamptons”. Wait! It’s not what you think! I didn’t rent a house with 20 friends and drink myself into a boozy coma.  We headed to a beautiful and unique Sculpture/Gardens, nestled on 16 acres of pure heaven. We were not expecting too much, I just love unique specimens and flowers. This garden was created by an artist Jack Larsen. Longhouse Reserve was his vision and gift to the community.  He wanted it to be a contemplative exhibit. Jack, sir, you did it proud. It houses over 30 sculptures, donated by various artists and sculpter’s from around the globe. He created gardens and textures that all meld with each other. Rare bamboo, bronze, a lily pond, peaceful pools and the most immaculate grounds, this energy is just what the doctor ordered.  Upon entering, there is a “wish tree”. Created by Yoko Ono, you write your wish and attach it to a tree. They send all the wishes to Yoko, and she is incorporating all of them in an art piece in Japan.  I wrote my wish and knew I was on the right “path”. You can follow a guided tour by Mr. Larsen,  via your cell phone. It was peaceful, quiet and very zen to say the least. His vision, and planning of textures and lighting along with lovingly cared for specimens, breathtaking to say the least.  The little treasures of Long Island, they never cease to amaze me.

Today, I am volunteering for Walk out of Darkness. I feel compelled to connect with other survivors of a suicide loss.  The walk for our community will be at  Jones Beach on Oct. 23rd, 2015. It’s surreal, really, I will be walking in honor of my brother Thomas this year. I’m sure, this is part of my journey to healing. It is really important to me to keep his spirit alive and with me, and in some way honor him.  It is extremely sad that this has become my reality.  My love for him drives me to be present and aware.  It is equally important to bring awareness to this epidemic of suicide. Most importantly, suicide prevention.

Be thankful today my friends and readers. Be present and kind. I truly feel, by giving of ourselves, it comes back to us tenfold. Enjoy this glorious weekend and be spontaneous! Go discover something awesome in your town!


Love & Blessings

~ leelee