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Summer fades and so do the sunflowers…

Grateful morning to you all. I seem to shelf my leeleemoments more often than I would like.  I read a boat load of blogs, followed them for years, and I look forward to playing catch up with my favorite bestest blogs I adore. You, the reader, start to know the blogger like a neighbor, an advisor, a good story teller, a mother, sister, wife, a person behind the blog. Every so often, a blogger will post something that simply connects you to them. The bond, via social media, can be powerful and even life changing. Inspiration comes in so many ways. I seek it constantly. It can be as simple as a massive weeping willow tree I stumble upon or it can be from reading someone’s moving story or a surprise miniature sunflower that I discover in my flower garden.   As the summer fades, and the light changes with each sunrise and sunset, I reflect a lot. Memories and flashbacks swirl in and out of my head.  It gets darker, much earlier, the days are slightly shortened now.   I dream and pin* crazy pumpkin things, and I decorate here and there with dark, rich floral, colors and wreaths. Autumn on Long Island is quite heavenly.  I am always amazed when I stroll through my vegetable garden. I say, it’s the gift that keeps on giving!  I continue to harvest plum tomaotes and funny looking cucumbers, and the crisp little peppers that keep coming, steadily. I harvested tons of fresh herbs and the aroma grounds me. It’s the simple things, yes indeed. I water my annual flowers, they are still blooming and thriving.  We hold onto what is left of summer, anticipating and planning what is ahead.  The holidays approach, and I am apprehensive and pensive about what they will be or bring. A couple of upcoming weddings, gives me hope and stability. Life continues, it waits for you. I am slowly, steadying my feet. Anchoring, engaging and continually loving myself, gently, accepting.  One step at a time, one day at a time, we get there, the best we can. Enjoy your day!

love, leelee