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Storms a brewin ~~ FrankenSTORM arrives

Good Morning Blogworld! I am rushing to blog a few things, However….I live on Long Island, thankfully north of “Montauk hwy”, which means I am considered inland from the coast and ocean surges. I have lived on this island since my parents moved to Huntington, New York when I was turning 1 year old. I’ve lived here all my life, always a few moments from the bay or ocean. Honestly, I can’t picture living anywhere but near the Sea. It surely is a part of me. Many many memories of my childhood and youth are all spent either On or near the ocean. I certainly feel blessed to live here and I am still exploring and finding amazing secret treasures tucked in little quaint sea towns along the two forks of Long Island. Speaking of amazing little treasures… Mike and I did a quick weekend getaway this weekend way before the Drama of Hurricane Sandy. I am excited to share it will you all this week, after I organize the photos and videos of our amazing waterfall adventure! Stay Tuned! On the other side of town..reality hit big when we returned yesterday. We were focused on securing all outside stuff and Mike had to climb on the roof to do a small repair on a gutter or spout or something. I made a delicious Sunday pot roast dinner and I felt like I always felt..This could be my last hot meal for a week! My dramatic frantic anxiety level rising, cooking up a storm (literally), using everything and anything I can use up. You would think it was the “Last Supper”. I was anxious last night, it sounded different. I awoke a few times and glanced outside, nothing catastrophic, it looks like a typical rainstorm. It is now considered high tide on most of our shore, and we still have power. The media is on sterroids for close to a week now, I am used to it, repeat, repeat, repetitive warnings, watches, closings, evacuations, etc etc. The winds are gusting, but so far God has kept us all safe and dry. I still have this overwhelming urge to COOK, and GOD I wish I had some chocolate hidden. We will continue to pray for this storm to go back out to sea and that our family & friends remain safe. They say its the biggest storm in all of history, a Monster..a FrankenSTORM, cute huh. I rented 3 Dvds and I see my man really glued to the weather channel (OF course! So I get a blow by blow from him every 10 minutes or so. Ok, I think I will whip up a few dishes and I want to Thank God for a hot steaming shower today. Life is Sweet so far…ciao for now ~ leelee