Thankfulness and calmness

Today, like everyday is a day to remember to be grateful and thankful for all you have. As some of you know, I live on Long Island and our small little seaside community was hit hard from Hurricane Sandy. I was one of the “luckier” ones, having no major damage or devastation to any of my family members. Others, were not so lucky and I meet and chat with them throughout this Thanksgiving weekend. I am always amazed and in awe of a humans ability to deal with stress and tragedy. I listen and read and watch what people have lost in the storm. Many are now without homes, destroyed, condemned or washed into the ocean. As I sit and have an abundant and delicious Thanksgiving meal with my family, I ¬†pray and say grace with my husband and children and remember our loved ones past, and we pray for peace and I ask God to help those less fortunate. I am always humbled, and my soul reaches out to God and thanks him for my beautiful and healthy family. I pray my children continue to grow and become kind and strive for their dreams. I realize at that very moment that I am blessed. I have every single thing I “need”, and emotionally I swim in it. I have learned to live in the moment of peace, to embrace it and thank my parents and my family for nuturing and cherishing me. I have lost both my parents, and I still feel that loss each day. I have been on a personal journey of sorts. My first priority was accepting the loss of my mother, 3 years ago. I disconnected and floated in grief and sadness for awhile, allowing myself to mourn and heal slowly. I believe you can smile again, laugh again and heal your heart piece by piece. I truly believe that if you have faith, and believe in a beautiful everlasting peace, heaven is our final journey.This has comforted and healed me throughout the years and I continue to heal. The Christmas holidays were always a special time for my parents. I try and honor them and keep some of the old traditions going. I have so many heirlooms and keepsakes of Christmas, my mother was quite the Christmas nut and crafter. Having all the things she made and designed around me brings me a comfort and warmth now…I cherish each ornament and arrangement and handmade dolls more than I ever had. Tradition is part bringing in new traditions and always celebrating the old traditions with it. I want my children to have that foundation. I hope one day they will pass them down to their children. I pray this year, I find the joy my mother had every year. It truly is about the “moments”…perhaps that is what inspired me to start to write again and blog about it. ¬†Below is the beginning of Kent Falls. Mike and I snuck away right before the storm and had a weekend of adventure and beautiful nature. I posted a pic or two, it was really an awesome weekend. Enjoy your Sunday ~ leeleeImage

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