The newest (oldest) Arrival….

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Good Morning early birds! It’s been raining or cloudy for the entire week on the island. Totally unusual, but we are all used to crazy weather patterns, it seems to be the new thing trending. The weather forecasters even have great awesome names for such things. Polar Vortex, global warming, whatever it is, I take it and embrace it. I peeked around the vegetable garden this morning. Very green indeed, and it is actually beginning to sprout and flourish. I hope I get a decent crop this year. We love eating and harvesting from our own dirt. It’s as organic as leelee is going to get I suppose. Mama’s rose garden is blooming. A slew of new growth and buds. I have found the more you “prune” and cut back, the better they bloom and regrow. Amazing flower, the rose. I clip them into a bouquet and gaze at them all week. Longing for my Mother, connecting with her spiritually in her garden. My lilacs are brilliant, the hybrids are, even with the harshest winter on record. The rose garden is against the side of the house, the sandy soil and good afternoon sun compliment them and protect them during the winter months. The white wedding rose (almost thorn less) is breathtaking. I will definitely share the blooms with you all summer long. I was told by the previous owner that the wedding white rose bush is over 100 years old. We are living here 18 years …amazing right?. Now all this talk about  “wedding roses” has me thinking. There could very well be a wedding soon.  My son met a lovely girl this past year and they are glued and in Love! I must admit, from the first moment I met Joanna, I got a strong energy from her. Loving and very giving and kind. I secretly prayed they would “fall for each other”, their story is sweet. Allow me to share this moment with you.  He was walking out of a gas station. She was parked at the pump. He notices her windshield is full of ice and snow. He glances…thinks twice and asks. Do you have a scraper? That can be dangerous. She says…no, I don’t have one.  He smiles and tells her, wait here a minute. He jogs back with his handy ice scraper and proceeds to scrape and clean her windshields. She stares at this man and smiles to herself. Boldly she says, well that is the nicest thing anyone has done for me in a long time. He flashes his baby blues and smiles back. She jots down her phone number and tells him Thank You for being so sweet. The rest is history I guess. Young love. Not much beats that moment, not much at all.  So fast forward 6 months. Fasten your seatbelt. Remember I write about dreams and visions…. remember I secretly prayed every night they would fall for each other and he would marry and make me a Grandmother???? YES! She is expecting, they are ecstatic and excited. They are planning their Wedding. Am I dreaming or something??? Honestly, they are waiting to tell the family at our July 4th Lake house family vacation. I can hardly contain myself. It truly has not “sunk” in. They came up the other evening with a sweet little sonogram picture, a little tiny life….coming Christmas Day <3.   I pray she and the baby are healthy. My heart sings, I think of my Mom a Grandmother 11 times, and I am secretly elated and excited for their future.  I have a baby to be section set up.  I tuck little odds and ends in there weekly now. I am cautious, but hopeful and blessed. Here is my latest splurge.  Me and my girlfriend were browsing at a local flea market and when my eyes spotted this, there was no going back!  I chewed her down to 10 bucks she wanted errrrr $25 (nahh)….the craftsmanship and wood are in perfect condition. Here’s my vision.  Sand, prime and finish in pure white. 2nd….wait to find out the sex of the baby and then monogram the name and possibly a few decals or a wisp of stenciling. I can see it clearly in my head.  The other option is going traditional wood. It has a hideous picnic table maroon on it now. I also can see a beautiful rich oak stain. If my first Grandchild is a boy….I can see the classic wood stain working well on this. Please tell me what appeals to you more.  Clean white, bright…or classic stained wood (oak finish). Here is a picture of before……I PROMISE to share the after with all of you! ~leelee

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