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Vintage vanity mirror

Sometimes, I dream or a vision comes to me out of nowhere.  I would prefer these visions or dreams don’t come at 3am, but alas, they do. I fight and toss and turn. I get up, I lay back down. After an hour or so of that, it becomes pointless.  I scuffle about, coffee stat!  I ponder the hour, note its pitch dark, wait the birds are still snoozing??? Oh well. I turn on my laptop and listen to the coffee pot spurt and burp and steam and sizzle. Leila our cat is definitely awake. She rubs and rubs and purrs and kneads, she is so sweet and soft. She flops and plants herself in front of me. During our cuddle time, I am not permitted to touch my mouse! I can hardly sip and typing is a no-no! After all,…. She is the center of the feline universe. Cats are such loners by nature, yet they carefully choose the perfect time to be petted and worshipped. She lets me know, and her love and her need for touch is very strong. She is a sweet tiger/tabby rescue. My daughter came home from college with 50 boxes and rescued the kitten. A few months later, she got her own place, moved 50 boxes again and left the kitten.  She visits her kitty all the time, they play games and chase each other around. She does all this in between loads and loads of laundry and re runs of  “Sister Wives” with her Mama. She’s a great kid, smart and responsible, happy, blessed. She is a lover of vintage, decorating, cooking, crafting, like her Mom. I love sharing my finds with her. I really enjoy finding unique things for her place or a cute outfit I saw on sale….speaking of SALE!!  My favorite little local thrift store tucked this on the shelf last week. All shiny and pretty. I think the sticker said  $2.75…(snickers). So here is where the dreams or vision comes into play. I have been looking for a unique vanity mirror for my dresser. I have a crystal & handblown glass perfume bottle collection and I wanted to display them properly. I love French perfume and I enjoy many designer fragrances. So I envisioned a sleek oval glass with either silver or gold accents, vintage for sure, classic in design. For people who get the “moment” when you are hunting or browsing and you turn the corner and Wala….there it is. The rare find. The exactly what I was looking for moment. It’s truly priceless and exhilarating. Obviously, addictive. I know for a fact, I won’t ever stop treasure hunting. It’s in my blood. I can totally see myself turning it into a business. It’s on my bucket list, after I own and run my B&B. So I shared my new find with my daughter. She loved it, but thought it may need to be polished. My little church lady friend said NO! Do NOT polish the silver, its “meant” to be that way. She is adorable. I haven’t decided if I will or won’t.  Feel free to comment. Should I or shouldn’t I polish….here is a pic of my latest treasure. Peace* ~ leelee

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