We’re never too old to learn a few things

Good Morning My Lovely:
I hope this post finds you smiling and relaxed. I awoke to a heavy rain shower and smiled. Rain has been pretty scarce in the north this summer. You won’t hear me complain about it, because, beach days are abundant. I met my sis in law yesterday at her private beach in Babylon. The vibe there and energy is instantly uplifting. We had a cool breeze, partly cloudy and comfy. I sit there in my beach chair, surrounded by beautiful, strong, women and I am filled with gratitude. I live on an island that sometimes feels like paradise. I have traveled up and down the East and West coastlines and I am fully aware that I live on a tiny island of paradise. I grew up close to the bay, boating, fishing, clamming, crabbing and camping and beaching it. It was simple, organic and I am very much attached to it. We have a saying on the Island… I am 20 minutes from the bay and 20 minutes the other way is the ocean. As I grew older, I learned to appreciate it more and more. I often sneak out east early and explore and photograph all the beauty that surrounds me. There is an abundance of it. I have yet to explore the entire long island… but, it is what I thoroughly enjoy doing. I snuck out and drove alot when COVID 19 landed. I found the beaches empty and loved it. Throughout my exploration and self explorations; I have found beauty all around me. I think it’s one of the reasons I started a blog. I wanted to share my “leelee” moments and record them for my children to read, long after I am gone. I wanted to share my heart and a few of my favorite things. I originally planned on blogging about FOOD. I love to cook and create delicious dishes, however, it is time consuming to blog it all! Maybe, one day, when I slow down….maybe.

I see we are approaching the 5th Month of COVID 19 Pandemic. The virus that changed the entire world. Has it changed you? Did this anger you more than scare you? Did you feel panic, face financial loss? Did you lose someone you love to COVID 19 Virus? I have been observing and listening and praying. I chose NOT to listen to the news. I believe there is a level of brain washing. The media, and its hype. I just try and follow the rules. I do read the totals and tallies daily. I can see the flattening of the curve….I do feel safer out in public, but, we still wear masks. I often think about our masking. How Long? I wish I knew how to sew! I realize it is an added thingy. You leave your car.. you now have to account for keys, phone, wallet & MASK! Everyone laughs at themselves for having to return to your car for the MASK. It’s OK! For what IT’s WORTH, we are all still healthy! I find the population is much more relaxed about it now, and the numbers are holding, so all that is a good thing. We live in a world of uncertainty and panic for some. We all need to do our part.

This paragraph, the one that hurts me to write the most about is our current situation with protests, riots, hate, racism and the great divide. I have seen the hate and abuse. I sadly witnessed a group of kids destroy a police vehicle. The rage…it hurts my soul. I felt fear for the first time since COVID 19. A different type of fear.Now it is Fear of violence. Fear of hatred. Thousands gathered to protest. They did not end peacefully. This is not the 60’s… There are no peace signs. No one is singing the Coca Cola song. This pent up, built up, Rage, Anger, Frustration & Hatred. These emotions have saddened me. Does it really matter if I were to play ping pong with you? This one is right. This one is wrong. I see his point and I see yours. What I DON’T see or hear is peace. Our president doesn’t even address it! He doesn’t seem to care to get involved. That hurts me even more. I don’t hear the words peace & harmony. I must be naive. I live with inner peace and acceptance. I do not relate to violence in any form. I want to understand this insanity. I want to believe we can overcome. Can we?

In the meantime, our church will pray for all of you suffering. We will support our police. We acknowledge there is good in the world. We also acknowledge, there are bad people in the world. Cops too. But, mostly, I want to respect them. I want to support anyone who lays their LIFE on the line everyday for You and I. My father was a NYPD Cop. He was tough, rough around the edges. He had a career that he LOVED and adored for 25 years. He would come home and tell us stories about where he was working and the people that impacted his life. Racist or not, he would always share details about saving someone’s life or finding a baby in the street wandering around, or delivering twins in his squad car. He once cried telling us of a “hardworking” family he knew for years in a rough neighborhood. They beat him half to death and robbed him. He cried for that man, I remember. Real moments that meant something to him and us. Like I said, he was tough, old school. But, he was always fair. That is what people are screaming FOR! Yes, they are destroying, hurting each other in the process. They don’t have coping skills, they grew up hard. They scream for: Equal rights, humanity, fairness, justice, to be heard! to be recognized and respected. Don’t we all deserve that????? Let’s hope we get there someday. There is always hope.

Part of me is sad that this had to happen. George Floyd died. I watched it and cried. It was enough to wage the war on bad cops. I get it. I think every human knows he was a bad cop. I can’t stand that the other 5 officers did NOT stop him. Perhaps, from that day forward, they now will. Change comes. It’s part of living life. Stop hurting innocent people. Stop hating the Blue, they are trying to do their job now. Perhaps, one day, they will save your life. I know respect is earned. I wish we could call a truce and let it be. Like War, it solves nothing.

So this Pandemic has opened my eyes to many things. I did not expect to deal with this level of Racism Protests. I hope over time, there is some resolution some change, some healing. Until then….I will be at the beach…counting my blessings and thanking God for one more day.



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