September Morn….

Good Mornin’ World:

Happy Labor Day all! I hope you’re enjoying this fabulous weekend with family and friends. I am just settling back to reality. I’ve been travelling and spending time with family and friends the last few weeks. I often find myself drifting in my mind, that lil voice saying LISA…ummmm….you should be blogging some of this stuff ! Well, I just unpacked and straightened up the house abit. I’m stealing these moments just for you! I seriously thought I would be so consistent about blogging all my summer excursions, but sadly, I admit, I didn’t keep my promise. I’m so new to all this, I find myself alil hesitant and I worry of course, that NOONE will ever read my blog stuff, or find me remotely entertaining, comical, sensible and wickedly gifted??? Well, ladies? Why do we doubt ourselves? Why do we refuse to embrace what others see so easily in ourselves? Why is it so difficult to totally chase that positive energy that runs through me, everyday…yes everyday! Again, I am going to focus and start to pen all of my brilliant shit more often. (Eye roll, dramatic like). Anyway,  Me & my husband of 30 some “odd” years snuck off to Bucks County , PA. to a quiet and peaceful B&B for a couple of nights, alone, just the two of Us. Celbrating our 30 th year married (WHAT?), yeah its true, we headed back to New Hope/Lambertsville, for a romantic getaway.  The weather was perfect, warm and sunny with that lil peek of autumn when you awake to cool temps in the 50’s. Love so goes with my peri menopausal state! I was in “heaven” to slip on my slipper socks and enjoy the entire morning with nature. We stayed at Old Estate Inn, Chimney Hill Estate Inn, and loved every moment we had there. Charming….beyond words, rolling meadows and pretty Deer and fawn grazing….no really! I’m serious! For a moment there, I swear, ALL the world was right. The owners house a Llama and Alpaca Farm on the property. So sweet and cute, and they don’t even Smell!! So we dined and wine (d), and we explored all the back roads, and I didnt even get car sick! But, we found the hidden covered bridges (ok, so we got lost alot),and I photographed lots of natural beauty and history,  the scenic route along the Deleware River is  beautiful. New Hope is so laid back and artsy, with hidden treasures of antiques galore, we had a blast. I wanna thank Mike’s trusty GPS, for several reasons, you saved us alot of bickering! I often thank the Lord for all I have. Many times during this getaway, I felt surges of gratitude and thankfulness, I am so blessed to have a man that loves and cares for me, even after 30 some “odd” years, when I look into his crystal blue eyes, I see love, I see the 22 year old guy I fell for, all over again. I also see that Life and Love is what You make of it, nobody paints your rainbows or gives you the Sun, you have to find it on your very own. The gift in finding this, (I call it the real “secret”), is you have the rest of your life to give and share it with those you love. The older I become, the more I realize daily how important it is to pray and strive for simple abundance, and in doing that you become exactly who you are meant to be. Peace*, out ~ leelee