Picture Perfect Weekends

Good day, beautiful people. I’ve been super busy the last few weeks. I still managed to sneak in some treasure hunting. Hey! It relaxes me, it centers me. I have had several weeks of interviews for a new position at my firm and I had my final interview yesterday with the VP  Regional Director of the company. I was relieved it was the final step, the last formal interview. The process has been long and tedious. My daughter asked if I was applying for the CEO or the Presidents position LOL.  Not even close I told her. I simply believe in timing, faith, passion and the desire to grow. More importantly, and I must be quite frank and honest, its alot about  the gift of “gab”. I’ve observed and concluded, you either  Have it…or you don’t.  My mama would say, I was born a “salesgirl”. I have the gift, the ability to connect with people, to humor them and to be just leelee. I try and stay true to myself. I bring that energy into the interview. I share my experiences and my desire to truly help others and improve the quality of people’s lives.  I shared parts of myself and felt the energy rise and the connection happen. I am hopeful and praying that I land this job. It’s a dream, a goal and it’s obtainable.  My gut tells me,  I did well, better than I had imagined.  Now, if I can only channel all this nervous energy and anxiety into something creative…hmmmm, my mind is racing, it has been for over 24 hours. I also note that I tend to organize, frantically clean and scrub and rearrange things. I mentally organize and the adrenaline just won’t stop. I contemplated going out to a bar and getting loaded, have good sex, spend pocketfull of $$$ on clothes and  frivalous  things. All those things are momentary. I thought about visiting the cemetery and have a good cry. I have meditated and prayed to my parents daily for weeks, I miss them terribly. I also need to breathe, and hydrate. I noticed that I am feeling dehydrated and that is not good. I made my daily protein shake and scrubbed the bathroom and applied a green tea mask to rejuvenate my tired and stressed body. I knew I needed to write and journal my thoughts and feelings.  I miss the days when I could sit with my parents and share my soul. I try and channel what they would say and how they would support and hold me and reassure me.  I told myself to remember how much they believed in me. I told myself that they would insist I be myself, share my gift and my strength and I would knock em dead.  So that part is over, just waiting for the final result. 

It’s a fact, we truly never stop dreaming. Our journey, our purpose and happiness is ever evolving. What we work towards, how we treat others, to respect ourselves and nourish our bodies and our spirit with faith and hope and kindness is crucial to achieving inner peace and individual satisfaction.  I live my life simply. I don’t envy or compare what I have or am to anyone. I find what moves me, what warms my heart and inspires me and I try and drown in the moment. I constantly remind myself to try and SLOW down. It’s hard lately, my energy levels are sky high. I reached a small goal today. My total loss is 75 lbs in just 7 months. I am so grateful and feel elated that I run up stairs and I don’t get winded and I am active and present each day. I had insomnia last night and it was the first time I even allowed myself to think about a cigarette. I was thinking of how the tabacco and nicotine relaxed your “nerves”. How I chain smoked during a crisis. As soon as the thought started to become appealing, I remembered this….Just one cigarette and you will be back. I finally fell asleep. Thank you Jesus for giving me the strength.

So, what’s a hyper girl to do with all this energy? Read my lips    S H O P.  It works for leelee, what can I say.  Last week, I found a really cute solid wood nightstand. I sanded it down abit and I have been thinking all week about what color it will be transformed into.  I am leaning towards the light blue palette. I have a spare room, it’s my beach room and I think it will fit in there nicely. I took some before photo’s to share with you, and of course I will post them soon!  I think I have enough projects and chores to keep me busy all weekend.  I will boast abit about the gorgeous Long Island June weather. I say it each and every spring and summer. Who would ever travel and leave such perfect paradise? You can’t fly or even buy this kind of sparkling sunshine, light breezes and perfect 70’s temps. #SpoiledrottenonLongIsland <3. We have had  picture perfect weekends, 3 in a row so far.  I’m gonna go out and enjoy them while


they last. Wishing you the same picture perfect day in your world. ~*peace   leeleelong island

The newest (oldest) Arrival….

rocking chair2 002

Good Morning early birds! It’s been raining or cloudy for the entire week on the island. Totally unusual, but we are all used to crazy weather patterns, it seems to be the new thing trending. The weather forecasters even have great awesome names for such things. Polar Vortex, global warming, whatever it is, I take it and embrace it. I peeked around the vegetable garden this morning. Very green indeed, and it is actually beginning to sprout and flourish. I hope I get a decent crop this year. We love eating and harvesting from our own dirt. It’s as organic as leelee is going to get I suppose. Mama’s rose garden is blooming. A slew of new growth and buds. I have found the more you “prune” and cut back, the better they bloom and regrow. Amazing flower, the rose. I clip them into a bouquet and gaze at them all week. Longing for my Mother, connecting with her spiritually in her garden. My lilacs are brilliant, the hybrids are, even with the harshest winter on record. The rose garden is against the side of the house, the sandy soil and good afternoon sun compliment them and protect them during the winter months. The white wedding rose (almost thorn less) is breathtaking. I will definitely share the blooms with you all summer long. I was told by the previous owner that the wedding white rose bush is over 100 years old. We are living here 18 years …amazing right?. Now all this talk about  “wedding roses” has me thinking. There could very well be a wedding soon.  My son met a lovely girl this past year and they are glued and in Love! I must admit, from the first moment I met Joanna, I got a strong energy from her. Loving and very giving and kind. I secretly prayed they would “fall for each other”, their story is sweet. Allow me to share this moment with you.  He was walking out of a gas station. She was parked at the pump. He notices her windshield is full of ice and snow. He glances…thinks twice and asks. Do you have a scraper? That can be dangerous. She says…no, I don’t have one.  He smiles and tells her, wait here a minute. He jogs back with his handy ice scraper and proceeds to scrape and clean her windshields. She stares at this man and smiles to herself. Boldly she says, well that is the nicest thing anyone has done for me in a long time. He flashes his baby blues and smiles back. She jots down her phone number and tells him Thank You for being so sweet. The rest is history I guess. Young love. Not much beats that moment, not much at all.  So fast forward 6 months. Fasten your seatbelt. Remember I write about dreams and visions…. remember I secretly prayed every night they would fall for each other and he would marry and make me a Grandmother???? YES! She is expecting, they are ecstatic and excited. They are planning their Wedding. Am I dreaming or something??? Honestly, they are waiting to tell the family at our July 4th Lake house family vacation. I can hardly contain myself. It truly has not “sunk” in. They came up the other evening with a sweet little sonogram picture, a little tiny life….coming Christmas Day <3.   I pray she and the baby are healthy. My heart sings, I think of my Mom a Grandmother 11 times, and I am secretly elated and excited for their future.  I have a baby to be section set up.  I tuck little odds and ends in there weekly now. I am cautious, but hopeful and blessed. Here is my latest splurge.  Me and my girlfriend were browsing at a local flea market and when my eyes spotted this, there was no going back!  I chewed her down to 10 bucks she wanted errrrr $25 (nahh)….the craftsmanship and wood are in perfect condition. Here’s my vision.  Sand, prime and finish in pure white. 2nd….wait to find out the sex of the baby and then monogram the name and possibly a few decals or a wisp of stenciling. I can see it clearly in my head.  The other option is going traditional wood. It has a hideous picnic table maroon on it now. I also can see a beautiful rich oak stain. If my first Grandchild is a boy….I can see the classic wood stain working well on this. Please tell me what appeals to you more.  Clean white, bright…or classic stained wood (oak finish). Here is a picture of before……I PROMISE to share the after with all of you! ~leelee

Unique finds, old & new…..

Vintage vanity mirror

Sometimes, I dream or a vision comes to me out of nowhere.  I would prefer these visions or dreams don’t come at 3am, but alas, they do. I fight and toss and turn. I get up, I lay back down. After an hour or so of that, it becomes pointless.  I scuffle about, coffee stat!  I ponder the hour, note its pitch dark, wait the birds are still snoozing??? Oh well. I turn on my laptop and listen to the coffee pot spurt and burp and steam and sizzle. Leila our cat is definitely awake. She rubs and rubs and purrs and kneads, she is so sweet and soft. She flops and plants herself in front of me. During our cuddle time, I am not permitted to touch my mouse! I can hardly sip and typing is a no-no! After all,…. She is the center of the feline universe. Cats are such loners by nature, yet they carefully choose the perfect time to be petted and worshipped. She lets me know, and her love and her need for touch is very strong. She is a sweet tiger/tabby rescue. My daughter came home from college with 50 boxes and rescued the kitten. A few months later, she got her own place, moved 50 boxes again and left the kitten.  She visits her kitty all the time, they play games and chase each other around. She does all this in between loads and loads of laundry and re runs of  “Sister Wives” with her Mama. She’s a great kid, smart and responsible, happy, blessed. She is a lover of vintage, decorating, cooking, crafting, like her Mom. I love sharing my finds with her. I really enjoy finding unique things for her place or a cute outfit I saw on sale….speaking of SALE!!  My favorite little local thrift store tucked this on the shelf last week. All shiny and pretty. I think the sticker said  $2.75…(snickers). So here is where the dreams or vision comes into play. I have been looking for a unique vanity mirror for my dresser. I have a crystal & handblown glass perfume bottle collection and I wanted to display them properly. I love French perfume and I enjoy many designer fragrances. So I envisioned a sleek oval glass with either silver or gold accents, vintage for sure, classic in design. For people who get the “moment” when you are hunting or browsing and you turn the corner and Wala….there it is. The rare find. The exactly what I was looking for moment. It’s truly priceless and exhilarating. Obviously, addictive. I know for a fact, I won’t ever stop treasure hunting. It’s in my blood. I can totally see myself turning it into a business. It’s on my bucket list, after I own and run my B&B. So I shared my new find with my daughter. She loved it, but thought it may need to be polished. My little church lady friend said NO! Do NOT polish the silver, its “meant” to be that way. She is adorable. I haven’t decided if I will or won’t.  Feel free to comment. Should I or shouldn’t I polish….here is a pic of my latest treasure. Peace* ~ leelee