Back to the ole grind….

Happy New Year! I hope this finds you all warm and safe. I have totally ENJOYED my time off, watching old movies, connecting with old friends, spending time with the family, good times! We all know all this sparkle and holiday celebrations must end. Waaaaah…Noone really wants to return to the real world! But alas, we must! I finally found a new job that I am excited about starting. I have been searching for months, trying to find a perfect fit for me. A job where I wake up and look forward to the day ahead, I pray I have found it. I start tommorrow 🙂 .  I will keep you posted for sure. I also acknowledge I have started this blog. It was something I thought about, dreamed about, procrastinated about for years. I’ve always journaled, something about the pen and beautiful parchment that gets me inspired to write.  Often I journal with my children in mind. Its sort of an open book, dialogue of my heart and my desires. I want to write down what really matters, I want to teach them always to listen to your heart and don’t ever give up.  Perhaps when they are older, they will become more nostalgic and enjoy my writings. My mother encouraged me to write. She loved reading my entries and poems and letters. I found a darling book she left for me recently. It was a beautiful little book with illustrations and affirmations of a Mother’s love to her daughter. She penned a few memories on the pages, and wrote beautiful words of hope and devoted eternal love for me….I cherish it, like I cherish her.  A woman at church said to me, You don’t know how lucky you are to have a mother like her, who could write and leave you this book to remind you of her eternal love~…Oh I do know, I treasured my mother and our friendship my whole life. Blessings come in many forms, she gave me such support and love, afterall, She was my biggest fan <3.  I believe her devotion and heart is still with me. I pray to her often, I cry to her when I am alone. I can still see and hear her, encouraging me never to give up. Thank you Mom…I miss you always.  I made a short list of priorities for this New Year. Continuing this blog is on it. I will strive to create and pen my heart and desires to all of you.  Writing for me is a release, it has always been a tool to survival for me. It is part of me, the words flow easily and slowly I feel cleansed and renewed.  I am never more my true self, than when I write and allow my heart to overflow. I hope you get “me” or something from me when you read my words, my story….stay warm and loved  ….~leelee

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