Sunday, May 12, 2013

I surround myself with your things, your treasures

I cut the stems of your flowers 

I put them in your mothers vase and my heart fills with your love & spirit

I know you’re not here, I yearn to hear your voice

I busy myself and fuss around the house, my mind drifting, remembering you

It’s true what they say; Love is eternal, Love never ends

it simply embeds inside your skin.  I read poems and quotes and I thank

God for my two beautiful children. I surround myself with your photos

I write and share what you’ve taught me. I do the things I love. I spend time

with people who I love and inspire me. I watch shows about healing and

forgiveness and faith. I strive to be humble and kind and grateful. I try

not to dwell in the past. You and daddy taught me to never give up. I 

feel blessed every single day. I don’t take one minute for granted. A few  

years ago, you left this earth and you took a piece of me with you.  In the

days following, I felt your spirit saturate me, guide me, strengthen me, 

comfort me, it was so strong and powerful. I had watched you suffer for days,

I knew you were soaring to heaven, it was so very hard to let you go. 

Today, I picked you a huge bouquet of Lilacs. Just like I did as a child.

The lilac bush you bought me for Mothers Day has 20 breathtaking blooms

I clipped a few for you and again, your spirit roared inside me. I could smell

your perfume and feel your warmth around me. For a moment you were with me

just me & you <3.   Your energy transcended  and cascaded through me. 

I am not surprised. I knew you would always be near me. I knew you would

communicate with me from above. We shared our hearts in the physical 

world, it was no surprise you would reach me from the spirit world.  I tell 

everyone I know, everyone I meet. I am the luckiest girl in the world. I had two

amazing, loving, devoted parents who loved me every single day, every single

moment of my life. The truth is…I loved them even more*

~Happy Mothers Day~~


Today its ok for me to say, I miss my mommy and my bestfriend. 

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